Rick's Ramblings July 2024

Rick's Ramblings July 2024

Lux… (now slightly renamed Luxsy), arrived and has settled in very well. He's a collie / dalmatian cross and a big boy! MuMu let him know who the boss is, and Puff is a little unsure of the newcomer and keeps her distance, but no nastiness from any of them and it's only been 2 weeks so we're really pleased how happy they all seem to be. The cats don't give a toss and actually tease Luxsy by walking right be him and giving him a glare!

I mentioned last month about trying to get myself fit for the very busy time coming up from September through to the end of the year. Unfortunately, I have not got off to a great start although I did manage to lose a couple of kilos by having another drastic haircut!!

There's still a lot of preparation to sort out for both the USA Final One Man Show tour and also the Yuletide tour with Adam and Mollie and I am working on final one man shows for Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia.

I will be spending some time at Erik's studio during this month, creating templates for the Yuletide show to send to Mollie and Adam so we can all be prepared for rehearsals which will be at the Granary during November.

I also personally need to have a refresher course for what we are going to do at Cropredy, which in essence is Journey to the Centre of the Earth as per the tour earlier this year, but with the odd change to the line-up, need to look closely as to how we go about rehearsals.

The changes are minimal and will work fine but for the record, Nick is unavailable but on the plus side, the main vocals are being shared by Mollie and Hayley and they will also be doing BVs with Tess and Izzy, so for the first time ever, The English Rock Ensemble will have four high class talented girl vocalists.

The other change is that of Matt Pegg coming in for Lee Pomeroy. Matt has worked with us on numerous occasions so it will be a smooth transition and also it will be the first time the ERE has had 10 people in it… strength in numbers!!!

I do have a trip to make to Bocking in Essex this month to do a recce of the church that we are going to put on a Xmas concert for Saving Strays. Pretty much the same concert we put on at St Mary le Tower Church in Ipswich last year which was a huge success… Once again we have Triple Cream, plus Peter Egan and also myself, Mollie and Adam. The concert will be on the 7th of December. More details as soon as we have them.

That's it for now… more next month!!

Cheers Rick

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