Rick's Ramblings February 2024

Rick's Ramblings February 2024

Where on earth did January go to? It came and went so fast and I think the next 3 months will race by as well as they are so busy.

On the first I am visiting a children's music therapy session in my capacity as a patron of Lifelites. I am really looking forward to this having been a founder member of Nordolf-Robbins music therapy way back in the early 1970s.

On Friday the 2nd… wait for it… I'm off to the hairdressers for a serious shearing! It's been gradually getting shorter and this is the final stage in letting my scalp get some daylight!!

On Sunday the 4th I am part of a wonderful line-up of Water Rats at St Georges in Gt Yarmouth for a variety show in aid of the Order so we can continue to help those who need our help.

On Monday the 5th I have a very important meeting to discuss a new podcast idea with the wonderful Griff Rhys Jones, (who also happens to be my neighbour… how lucky is that)! Hopefully the ideas we've been discussing for many months now will come to fruition very soon.

I then have a lot of packing to do in readiness for the upcoming tours so hopefully everything I find still fits me!

On Wednesday the 7th I leave for Sussex to do three one man shows at Trading Boundaries.  It's a great place and amongst other events, hosting the tribute concert for John Wetton. Ironically when I leave on the Saturday morning, son Adam moves in to do his show with Damian Wilson… a Wakeman takeover!!

On Sunday the 11th I arrive in Glasgow in preparation for the ERE concerts which commence in Glasgow and intense rehearsals will last right up until we walk on stage on Thursday the 15th. I am so looking forward to this tour and playing with the wonderful musicians that make up the English Rock Ensemble and also to welcome in some new faces.

Yet again they've found somewhere for me to play that I've never played before and this time it's the very beautiful and prestigious Drury Lane on the 27th.

After the last ERE concert in Bristol I drive up to Evesham, hopefully visiting son Oliver on the way, in readiness for a one man show at the theatre there on the 1st of March.

So that's February done and dusted… well almost… I do have to mention that on the 16th the 4 CD boxed set of the Palladium shows is released and I am told that there will be pre-release copies available throughout the UK tour…

See you in March… which is equally as manic!!

Cheers Rick

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