To avoid disappointment, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE FAQ PAGE first, which answers many common questions. If you ask for something that the FAQ already mentions isn't possible, your message will simply be deleted. We're sorry, but people are just ignoring this.

Also, we cannot answer order enquiries for the Wakeman Music Emporium which is run independently from the website by Music Glue. Please direct any questions relating to products and orders to them directly. However if it is about a Red Planet item, please read this FAQ.

For photos of Rick for press/media use, please visit the site of Lee Wilkinson Multimedia.

In particular, do not ask about future concert dates, if it's a confirmed concert it will be on the site, if it isn't, we can't comment anyway. Also we cannot supply press or photo passes for events. For these requests, please contact the venue directly.

We cannot organize meets with Rick including at concerts! This includes rounds of golf, dinner and lunch invitations for which Rick is very grateful but cannot accept.

And finally... Please do not email saying you've read the notices but can you please do it anyway. We cannot...

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