All Future Concerts

All Future Concerts

This is a listing of all known future confirmed appearances by Rick...

3rd Jun 2022 at 8:00 pmSt George's Church
Beckenham, UK
16th Mar 2023 at 12:00 amGTS Celebrity Summit
Miami, FL, USA

Further dates will be listed here once confirmed...

Type Key

Key Description
Piano Rick at the grand piano, a mix of music and anecdotes
WwW Rick with family members (Adam, Oliver or Gemma)
SWwW Trio with Rick, Adam and Hayley Sanderson
ERE Band show with Rick and English Rock Ensemble
Journey/Myths Full production shows with ERE, orchestra and choir
Festival Performance within a festival, various formats
Orchestra Rick at the grand piano, accompanied by orchestra
Trio Piano Trio with Dave Colquhoun (Guitar) and Matt Pegg (Bass)
Xmas A special festive edition of Rick's Piano Show