This discography only features Rick's solo albums and does not include any albums that he has guested on, either with YES or any other session work. The guest appearance page attempts to document some of those appearances. To find out more about an album, click on the artwork. If you are looking for a particular track, try our track selector page. If you want to find out who has also appeared on these albums, then try our musician selector page. You will no doubt notice that the listing is not as complete as it could be. If you can contribute any information, such as old vinyl or cassette numbers, please let us know.

The site used to allow visitors to vote for their favourite albums and tracks of Rick's. This functionality no longer exist but here are the final results for albums and tracks, for historic interest..

Some of the albums have descriptions of their style sent in by fans from around the world and these are listed in the discography and on each individual page. If you would like to submit a description for inclusion, please fill in this form.

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