GORR January 2013

GORR January 2013

It has to be said that 2012 was a very strange year with lots of highs and more than a few lows. Somehow though we managed to fulfil the dream of finally doing Journey to the Centre of the Earth as always intended and the most wonderful thing for me has been the response from so many people who have taken the trouble to write to the website or to twitter to say how much they’ve enjoyed it. This truly makes it all worthwhile.

Looking into 2013, I sincerely hope that what we have done with Journey is only the beginning and there really are tremendous “irons in the fire” as regards the next stage of its own “journey”, most of which should be known by the February GORR and if news comes in earlier then it will be posted on the website first.

The start of a New Year is always a bit slow to get going as for some reason the music industry tends to wind down around the 2nd week in December and start winding up again around the third week of January!

Regardless of that, I have seven days booked in the studio with Erik Jordan to prepare the musical template for King Arthur to give to Guy Protheroe for orchestration in readiness for Gloucester in June.
The original recording was around 38 minutes long, but with new music added, it’s going to be around 70 minutes and if all goes according to plan , should be a great weekend with Saturday 15th all set for Arthur and the next day (16th) all set for Journey.

Also in January I will be travelling down to see my close friends Ian and Jacky Paice to talk to them about Jon Lord for the BBC special that is being filmed and I have the honour of presenting. I’ll also be talking to Jon’s wife Vicky and his children too.

We will be doing some more “overdubs” on some tracks for Billy Sherwood. I’ve lost count of how many we’ve actually done for him now, but it must be double figures I should think.

January really is a month of meetings which hopefully should shape the year ahead.

I’m writing this GORR on New Year’s Eve and so I wish everybody who reads this a healthy, happy and dream filled New Year..... and with a bit of good fortune, whilst January is one of my shorter GORRs, February could well shape up to be one of the longest!

Thanks again for all your continued support and remember - if it’s not on the RWCC website, then it probably isn’t true!!!


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