GORR September 2011

GORR September 2011

It’s been an interesting few weeks......two filming days for Watchdog, one of which has already been aired plus the making of a pilot television programme in Birmingham where my guest was the highly talented Ruby Turner. I hope the programme gets picked up for a series as it’s highly entertaining, even if I say so myself.

I also found myself in another meeting setting up an amazing 7 part series for television which will be filmed next April. I can’t say anymore at the moment, but it should be quite amazing.

The charity golf day for SPARKS at Burhill was absolutely amazing. The evening was absolutely amazing, the celebrity guests were absolutely amazing and my golf was absolutely awful. The whole day and evening events raised in excess of £47,500 which in the time of a recession was remarkable. Many thanks to all who made it happen especially my good friend and organiser Graeme Slocombe.

I also attended Roy Hudd’s Music Hall lunch in London which was fabulous and it’s still a joy to watch the great man in action. The Music Hall Society has been running for many years now and truly is the starting point of the history of our entertainment industry.

I am thrilled to announce as well, that a venue has been chosen to perform Journey to the Centre of the Earth next year and an announcement will be made either at the end of this month or at the latest, early October. As with the Hampton Court concerts, RWCC “supporters” will be able to reserve tickets though the website.

This month also sees the Bob the Cat golf tournament at Diss Golf Club which sells out the day the team sheets are posted at the golf club!

There are quite a few concerts coming up this month and in fact, here is a complete list, going right through until the end of the year.


Tues 13th - Isle of Wight
Sun 18th - Birmingham Town Hall
Fri 23rd - Norwich Cathedral Salvation Army...(hosting)
Sun 25th - Hull Truck Theatre
Tues 27th - Weston-Super-Mare
Fri…30th - Truro solo show JH


Sat 1st - Bury St Edmunds
Sat 8th - Tunbridge Wells
Mon 10th - Slovakia Piano Concert
Wed 12th - Slovakia Piano Concert
Wed 19th - Milwaukee Jon and Rick
Thurs 20th - Merilville  Jon and Rick
Sat 22nd - Munhail   Jon & Rick
Sun 23rd - Washington Jon & Rick
Mon 24th New York Jon & Rick
Wed 26th - Buffalo   Jon & Rick
Thurs 27th - Albany    Jon & Rick
Sat 29th - Atlantic City   Jon & Rick
Sun 30th - Philadelphia    Jon & Rick


Tues 1st - Concord   Jon & Rick
Wed 2nd - Tarrytown    Jon & Rick
Fri 4th - Red Bank   Jon & Rick
Sat 5th - Stroudsburg    Jon & Rick
Sun 6th - Westbury     Jon & Rick
Tues 8th - Worcester   Jon & Rick
Thurs 10th - Quebec    Jon & Rick
Sat 12th - Montreal     Jon & Rick
Fri 25th - Piano & Orchestra concert San Paolo
Tues 29th - Piano & Orchestra concert Rosario


Thurs 1st - Piano & Orchestra concert Cordoba.
Sat 3rd - Piano & Orchestra concert Santiago
Mon 5th - Piano & Orchestra concert Lima
Thurs 8th - Durham Cathedral (withTim Rice).
Fri 9th - Old Granary Xmas Concert
Sat 10th - Southend Xmas Show
Sat 17th - Worthing Xmas Show

I’m also hosting a concert at Norwich Cathedral on the 23rd of this month with all the proceeds going to the Toys and Tins appeal by the Salvation Army.

More recording is planned with Erik Jordan and it could be a busy time as negotiations are quite far advanced for 2 film scores next year.

September also sees the first birthday celebration of Rick Wakeman’s Revolution, the radio show for Radio Nova in Dublin, (you can catch it online, 6pm on a Saturday).

Talks are still advancing for more radio shows and more television shows for 2012 and there is one in particular, that if it comes to fruition (currently 50/50), will really surprise everybody - including me to be honest.

Although I have set a date of May 2014 to cut right back and not work 18 hours a day minimum 7 days a week anymore, (It’ll be 4/5 days a week instead), the next two years are going to be more manic than ever, especially if most of what’s in the pipeline comes to fruition. What is especially nice for me is that 90% of all these possibilities are innovative and creative.

Well that’s it for now....Back to reality......It’s time to go shopping now!

See you next month....Rick

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