GORR April 2023

GORR April 2023

I flew out here to America to do this current one man tour on March 13th and we are now nearing the end with just a few shows to go.

As always there has been some high spots and some disappointing ones. Mostly high spots I'm pleased to say. The low spots are always that of being given a really bad piano.  Some promoters really don't care. I have said to some of them, if Eric Clapton was here next week, would you rent him a ukulele? They don't get it, but I have a list now of venues and promoters I won't work for or play their rubbish pianos anymore!

I'm writing this in my hotel room before leaving to drive to New York for the show there. Last time I played there, the piano was virtually unplayable and I am hoping (probably beyond hope), that it's not the same piano as if it is I will have to adapt all the show to play on the keyboards. I'm sure some of you are wondering why good pianos are not requested and the answer is that we do… and luckily the majority of promoters and venues care enough to make sure the pianos are as requested but a small minority don't and so this is the last time we will work with them.

I also went on the Rock and Romance cruise ship and was amazed how well organised it was for all concerned. I did two shows and 2 Q&As which were really good fun and it was great to catch up and spend some time with some old friends, namely John Lodge and Don Felder.

After tonight's show there are just 4 shows to go plus a special event at Drexel University in Philadelphia and then it's back on a plane to England and a reunion with my wonderful wife and all our rescue pets and spend a day getting over jet lag and then I have a few train trips down to London for some BBC radio recordings and also a special meeting of the Grand Order of Water Rats.

I then will be preparing for my annual concert with Peter Egan for Animals Asia and our beloved Moon Bears at the Mill in Sonning… one of the highlights of the year as it's such a good fun event raising much needed money to help save our bears.

There is a lot currently in the pipeline for the remainder of this year and next year as well, but I've decided not to write about any of them unless they are confirmed… so hopefully in the May GORR I will have some positive news for everybody.

That's it for now… enjoy the rest of the month and thanks to everybody who has come to the shows so far on this tour.

Cheers Rick

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