GORR November 2022

GORR November 2022

I will admit that I could do with a few more days this month than the 30 that the calendar allots me, but instead it will mean a few more late nights and some even earlier morning rises!

The album is now mastered and ready to go into production. There are a few minor details to sort out as regards the cover, but we are almost there.

The more I listen to A Gallery of the Imagination, the more it brings a smile to my face. I personally feel that it really is quite different to anything I've done before although it does have quite a few proggy elements, especially with the solos and some "unusual" chord progressions and unexpected sounds.

I'm reliably informed that it will be ready for sale on the Xmas tour at all the venues, but won't be available elsewhere until the general release next year. I've not yet been informed about any overseas release dates.

As regards the Xmas tour, it all seems to be coming together nicely and it will be so nice to get out playing again, although the arthritic pain barrier threshold seems to be getting more acute by the week. I find the way to cope with this, is to drift off into "Rick-World" and almost play in a form of trance, which is what I have always done anyway.

On the 21st of November, I am pre-recording a Xmas show with Simon Mayo, but I don't know when it will be broadcast yet. I'm also doing quite a few radio shows to promote the tour and the album and will make sure that information gets to the website as soon as we know when.

I am really pleased to be able to say that the Palladium shows are almost sold out and the rehearsal and preparation plans are well underway. In total, 30 days of prep and rehearsal are needed, and a mixture of hard work and fun will certainly be the order of the day.

The 24th sees the first date on the tour at Croydon and it will be nice to see friends without wearing masks!

I have many plans for next year and will outline them in the December GORR as there will only be the tour happening throughout this month!

Please note one performance not included in the tour dates and that is the 15th of December where I am honoured to be taking part in Sir Tim Rice's Christmas Foundation of Light concert at Durham Cathedral.

It's been a very strange few years for many reasons, but I am very hopeful that we can end 2022 on a high with a happy Xmas tour and A Gallery of the Imagination finally seeing the light of day… and who knows… it might even get some air-play?!

See you on the tour I hope… Rick

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