GORR August 2021

GORR August 2021

Sorry for the slightly late GORR, but I was hoping that I might have had confirmation about one or two of the on-going projects, but that has not been the case and so there's not a busting lot to report, although by the end of the month I should know considerably more.

The new album is really taking shape and has the title of A GALLERY OF THE IMAGINATION and is indeed just that. From my early days of being taught by the wonderful Mrs Symes, I have always thought of music as painting pictures as that is what she taught me, and in my imagination I still do exactly that to this day.

I've often been asked why I play so much with my eyes closed, and the answer is simple… it's so I can paint the pictures in my imagination whilst I am playing.

This album will hopefully give everybody else the chance to paint their own picture to the music and hence the diversity of the track titles which I will announce in the September GORR.

The percussion, bass and guitar parts will be added at the end of this month and into September with the vocals being recorded soon after that. 7 of the 13 tracks are likely to be songs.

I'm really pleased with the shape the album is taking and it certainly has elements of The Red Planet and Piano Portraits too… so it has a pretty wide spectrum… just as a gallery would have.

The American piano tour is coming together nicely and I've just been informed that it now starts on the 13th October in Natick, MA.

I have been spending quite a lot of time thinking about pieces I want to include in the show.

It's always interesting how the programme comes together and I often think of it in the same way that a football (soccer) manager might pick his team for the next match.

There will always be players that will be in the team regardless for various reasons and the same goes with music. There will always be certain pieces that will be difficult to leave out, and if you do, people ask why, as they missed them…

Then there are pieces you haven't played for a long time and can re-invent in a new arrangement and finally some pieces you've never performed on stage before and might surprise the audience!

How am I doing with this? I reckon I'm 50% of the way there, so not bad!

It's still unclear as to what regulations will be put in place for concerts in the future as governments seem to be constantly changing their minds and venues have their own rules as well… all I know is that I am looking forward to wandering on stage and playing in front of people and having a great fun time regardless.

I just hope that some of you come along!!!

Enjoy summer… Rick

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