GORR November 2023

GORR November 2023

I truly cannot believe we're almost at Xmas as so much has happened throughout the year and equally so much has not happened that was planned to happen for 2023.

November looks pretty busy and so here are some of the main points… on the 4th I have a rehearsal with the choir mistress for the Guildford Cathedral Saving Strays Xmas concert. I'll also be having a run through with Peter Egan and others who are taking part… I so want these concerts to be successful, as Rachel and I love this charity and all they do.

On the 6th I will be attending the funeral of my late great friend Tom Dean, who was more than an accountant to so many of us in the entertainment industry. Tom was an amazing friend, and I will always miss him greatly.

On the 8th I am taking part in the Christian Resources Exhibition in Birmingham where I will have the honour of being able to talk about my great friend Dan Wooding who passed away last year. Dan wrote The Caped Crusader and was a wonderful character and deserves a great eulogy. I am being interviewed about him by Peter, one of his sons.

After that event I drive to Great Yarmouth where there's a great prog rock dinner and awards ceremony. Great people and should be a lot of fun.

On the next day (the 9th), I drive to Lytham St Annes in readiness for the 2 shows there on the 10th and 11th at the wonderful Lowther Pavilion, driving home on the 12th.

On the 13th, son Adam is coming over to me to help sort out the piles of music that came here when we moved, but unfortunately not in any order at all, so there's The New Gospels music mixed up with one man shows and Xmas stuff mixed up with the ERE music… it's somewhat of a mess, but Adam is well organised, (unlike his father), so I'm sure we'll get it sorted!!

The next few days are all contract meetings to try and put things into order, and perspective!

On the 19ty there is the initiation of Al Murray at the Water Rats which should be a great evening.

On Monday the 20th it's a full on management meeting day to finalise as much as possible for not just 2024 but also 2025, so there will be much coffee drank!

Then it's final preparations for the Saving Strays concert at Guildford Cathedral… if you live not too far away, please come along and support the charity and the concert is on the 24th. I can guarantee a fun night.

Looking a few weeks ahead into December, on the 5th I am taking part in the wonderful charity show that Griff Rhys Jones puts on at the Regent in Ipswich and on the 7th I am doing a one man keyboard show at the Princess Theatre in Hunstanton.

On the 10th I am doing a lunch event in Sheffield which is always good fun and then on the 11th I'm doing my annual Xmas fun radio with Simon Mayo. I think this is close on our 20th year, or maybe more.

In my December GORR there will be a review of 2023… which will undoubtedly make interesting reading as it's been a real mixture of good and not so good…

Bye for now… Rick

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