GORR May 2020

GORR May 2020

First and foremost, all of us here want to wish you all good health and hope you are all keeping safe whilst the lockdown and restrictions continue. I mentioned last month that we had friends who had tested positive for Covid-19 and sadly 6 have not recovered. It's heartbreaking.

One thing that is interesting though, is that I may be finally dragging myself into the 21st century. My kids and grandkids find my ignorance of modern-day technology a mixture of hilarity and embarrassment. For a start, they would rather I did not take my mobile out in public and especially in front of their friends. I will admit it's old. It does have a camera (which takes blurred photos), and it has a strange spell check that automatically changes words. The worst case of this is when it changes "pianos" to "penis". (my mother-in-law is still questioning the text I sent her which was meant to say I was getting my pianos tuned.

During the lockdown I have been asked to do things with "Zoom"... Not a clue. Then Skype, which the kids have been on to me about for years now... also not a clue.

Then there's the videoing stuff on the iPhone… okay... I will have to buy an iPhone for a start.

Then there's recording and videoing for the website and the YouTube channel etc., up until now I have been reliant on Rob Ayling to turn up with his camera and phone and record me trying to sound as if I understand what is going on !!... but of course, with the lockdown, this has proven extremely difficult and so I decided last week, things would have to change... so when this lockdown is relaxed and I can finally move into our new house, where I have a lovely music room, we will be setting up a nice HD video recorder, (which I already have) so I can sit at the piano, chat and play at a moment's notice.

I will have Zoom and Skype set up on the computer so I can talk to family and friends and take part on other stuff with friends and business acquaintances.

I should also make it clear that I will only have time to do these kind of things in areas that I am already involved with, as there truly is no time to spare to take on other stuff, so please don't inundate me with requests as I hate having to say no!

I will have a mobile (iPhone) that does not turn pianos into a penis and I will be able to hold my head up high in the presence of my grandchildren. (all 12 of them).

Moving on to areas I do sort of understand, I hope you have been able to access the taster trailers for the Red Planet album. I think they are great fun and I really am champing at the bit for the release date.

Alongside my management, we are working very hard to prepare for the future, although without firm dates to aim for, this is extremely difficult, but we want to be prepared for any and every eventuality.

So that's it for May really ...it looks like a very quiet birthday this year with just Rachel and myself ....and Teaser and Cobweb of course .....I've already put my birthday dining order in to Rachel foodwise... a banana, a lemon cake and a rhubarb and apple crumble and eat outside if the weather is nice! Keep well everybody, keep safe and sensible and listen to loads of music.

Cheers Rick

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