GORR March 2013

GORR March 2013

Once again I can only apologise for this very late GORR and once again it is because I am waiting on Gloucester news which has to happen in the next couple of days in order to complete all the necessary preparation which has been ongoing since December. The organisers have promised to let me know exactly what is happening within 2 days and as soon as we have the information we will let you know. Whatever you read elsewhere, if you want the facts, then wait until you read it here on the RWCC which is the only place where authorised news about anything I’m involved with appears.

So far this year has somewhat stunk. More sad passing of friends and family and today I received the news about my good friend Alvin Lee. What’s going on I ask myself! The Good Lord must have one hell of a band by now. Just how many guitarists can Heaven have!

Anyway, on to happier subjects. On March the 10th I am once again presenting an award at the Wetnose Awards in London. I will be joined by many friends from the world of entertainment including Peter Egan who of course did such a fabulous narrative job on the new Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and whilst on the subject of Journey, one way or the other I will have some very important news about Journey in next month’s GORR if not before, so don’t miss the next one whatever you do. (I’ll probably read it myself)!

Sunday 17th at 11.30 sees me unveiling the blue plaque for John Lennon in Baker Street. This is being organised by the Heritage Foundation and after the unveiling there follows a celebratory lunch where I will have to keep to my rule for Lent of not eating any bread or chocolate!!!

Monday 25th I will be at the Bllomsbury Theatre taking part in the concert celebrating what would have been the great Viv Stanshall’s 70th birthday. It’ll be great to meet up with great mates including Neil Innes and I look forward to playing some great Bonzo’s stuff on stage with the band.

At the end of the month I also start filming again for Watchdog, which I love doing. I never have a clue as to the subject matter until the day of filming so it should be interesting to see what they come up with for me this series!

Looking ahead, on Sunday 28th April I will be playing the piano at the Gouveia Art festival which I am looking forward to very much as I may even get a visit from Tony Fernandez who lives there.

The diary has been kept very much clear for very good reason, well I hope it turns out to be a very good reason anyway!.....Can’t say anymore until the next GORR, except to say that it could exceed all that has gone before.

Now that has hopefully got you thinking!!!!

Roll-on the April GORR!


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