GORR January 2017

GORR January 2017

What a year 2016 was!  So many great things and far too many sad losses of dear friends. I’m not going to dwell on all that happened except to say that I feel all the good stuff was all very much leading to what is going to happen in 2017 and 2018 and hopefully beyond.

Much of January is going to be taken up with promotion for PIANO PORTRAITS and hats off to Universal who are really going for it in a big way, and it doesn’t come much bigger than the huge advertisement in New York in Time Square!

I have already done more than half a dozen interviews, either face to face or on the telephone and this month there are already another 20 interviews of one sort or another including TV with Good Morning and radio including Simon Mayo and Danny Baker as well as Classic FM.  Newspapers to include the Daily Express and magazines to include The Pianist.

The list continues to grow and when transmission dates are known we will make sure they are on the website.  At the moment we know for sure the following will be live.

  • Jan 10th
    • Talk Sport - 9.30am live with Alan Brazil
    • ITV - 10am on This Morning
    • BBC Radio London - 2.50pm
    • Radio 2 - 5.50pm with Simon Mayo
  • Jan 14th......
    • BBC 5 - 10am with Danny Baker

There are loads of pre-recorded interviews but transmission dates are not currently known.

On Friday 20th I am doing a piano one man show at the Boston Spa Methodist Church which I am looking forward to as the first one man show of the year.

On the 28th, if you are anywhere near Margate, please come along to the Winter Gardens in the afternoon or the fabulous Noisy Notes concert. Sue Perkins conducts and presents music for children in a spectacular show with the Orion Orchestra. Programme includes music from the Nutcracker, plus songs from Shrek, Aladdin, Frozen and a chance to meet The Simpsons.

Lots to look forward to in February onwards as well, but more about all that in the February GORR.....in the meantime, enjoy January and I wish you all a wonderfully healthy and happy new year.

Update 4th January regarding RRHOF:

I am very pleased to announce that as the Hall of Fame have now agreed to present Chris Squire’s wife with a posthumous award acknowledging his massive contribution to YES, I have agreed to attend the Induction ceremony in New York to both stand proudly with my fellow band mates Jon and Trevor and also to watch Chris’s wife Scottie collect this well deserved award on his behalf. I also hope that this move to acknowledge members of bands who sadly did not live to receive their own honour, means they can get them posthumously in the future”.


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