GORR August 2023

GORR August 2023

Time seems to fly by these days. It seems like only yesterday I was knocking out the July GORR… but here's an update as to what is going on.

It does seem that this year is going to be very much a planning year and it is starting to look quite exciting with lots of new ideas coming to fruition alongside the touring and other events. I have decided to somehow keep going until my 77th birthday in 2026, but that could well get pushed into 2027 if health allows and also if I'm wanted!

As regards this month, I am doing some more filming for RWTV on the 11th at The Granary. A solid day of filming which should be a lot of fun. I'll report on how it went and what we did in the September GORR.

On the 14th I will be in Erik's studio listening to the first part of a very special playback of which I can't say anymore at this juncture except to say for me, it's really exciting. There… that's got you thinking!!

On the 16th I'm off to Stafford for the final day of filming Bargain Hunt for the BBC in aid of Children in Need… I have a wonderful partner (we are the blue team), and hopefully our choices will make a decent profit.

The rest of the month is mostly meetings and still unpacking boxes from the house move!

One important thing to mention, well two actually, is that I'm doing two Xmas specials to help raise money for Saving Strays, the dog charity of which I am a proud patron.
Along with some lovely guests I'm performing 2 special Xmas concerts at Guildford Cathedral on the 24th of November and St Mary le Tower in Ipswich on the 23rd of December.
I'll be posting details of where to get tickets on the website as soon as I know where and when they will be available… please support us if you can… a lovely way to welcome in Xmas… especially for the doggies!

Cheers Rick

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