GORR May 2013

GORR May 2013

2013 continues to throw up surprises but certainly the first four months could be considered as the most frustrating and exasperating that I can ever recall, but having said that, there’s an awful lot waiting in the wings that really could be tremendously exciting and shape not just the rest of 2013, but many years to come. I had hoped to have been able to have made some announcements in this month’s GORR, but it looks like it will be June now, but should anything happen before then it will be announced immediately on the website.

Great that Watchdog’s happening again and they are so much fun to do. My “rant” on cartridge computer ink has already been aired and there’s one more “rant” already filmed with a possible 2 more to film this month.

The trip to the Gouveia Arts Festival was really enjoyable. It’s a beautiful town/city and the theatre and everybody involved were really lovely. The festival is well worth a visit if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different.

On the 10th May, (well I think it’s the 10th of May), Steve Wright is hosting a Radio 2 programme about keyboards and the orchestra and for my sins I was invited to take part. My bit has been pre-recorded and I suspect edited heavily!!!....but the specials that Radio 2 do are excellent and Steve Wright is a great presenter. (I once did a TV show he hosted called Home Truths. It lasted one series which was daft as it was really entertaining and well received).

Once again the month of May seems very much all about meetings and setting stuff up for later in the year and next year as well, plus promotion and rehearsing for Gloucester and Cheltenham.
It is still possible that either or both of these events will get either filmed or recorded for CD release and negotiations are continuing with a few interested parties.
Something is bound to be agreed one way or the other before the end of the month so it will be up on the site as soon as we know.
Regarding Gloucester and Blackfriars, it’s great that the shows sold out so quickly and already rehearsing has begun. With Adam still out somewhere in the world with Black Sabbath and Ozzy, Oliver, Jemma and myself have been planning our involvements and will be meeting up to pre-prepare before the main rehearsals in early June. It’s going to be very unique. I have also agreed to allow them to speak and say what they like about their dad!!!! (I have said I am very happy for this, but to remember who is paying them).

Also very unique will be the Cheltenham Centaur shows. I can’t see this particular show ever happening again which is why I am working hard on getting it recorded for posterity. The programme is now over 2 hours long, (split into 2 halves), and is going to be a real tester for us all on stage with the different arrangements and in some cases, key signatures!

I’m really looking forward to the three days of concerts and it is going to be both exhausting and invigorating for all of us involved. There’s no doubt that the enthusiasm of all who come to witness the events will play an enormous part in taking the performances to another level.

Next month we should have some definitive news as regards Journey to the Centre of the Earth both as a release and as regards concerts.  If all goes according to plan, numerous unexpected surprises will be announced within the next few weeks.

There are many things in any musician’s life that he would like to “tick-off”....some big, some not so big......Playing at the Royal Albert Hall, the Marquee Club, The Cavern, Glasgow Apollo, Glastonbury, The Reading Festival, Woodstock...the list is endless really. I did not play Woodstock, not the Cavern either but have been very fortunate to have played venues that sadly no longer exist such as The Marquee Club in Wardour Street and The Rainbow in Finsbury Park.
A chance phone call a few weeks ago led me to be able to be able to confirm another one of my “must do tick-offs” and that is The Edinburgh Festival. I’ve visited the festival before and indeed have been there as part of the book festival that goes on at the same time, but never done a “season” so to speak and so this is a real first and an exciting one too.

I’ll be doing 12 one hour shows at The Assembly Rooms, with the grand piano and a host of silly stories. I open on Tuesday 6th August and close on Sunday the 18th, with Monday 12trh being a “no-show” day.

So, if all goes according to plan, there should be some great announcements for June..... (many of which were expected in January)!

Fingers crossed!


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