GORR December 2014

GORR December 2014

What an incredibly busy November that was. I’m knackered. The month raced by and so much happened. Already a considerable amount of television has been set up for early in the New Year including a wonderful documentary about Vivaldi and the 4 Seasons which I will be presenting. It’s a wonderfully put together brief and I can’t wait to get filming in early January.
Also there’s another wonderful documentary being put together all about a very specific area of the rock and roll industry which I’ve been asked to present. I can’t say anymore at the moment except that it is something that should have been done years ago and somehow slipped the net.

Then there was the concert I did with Adam, well two concerts actually. One at his kid’s school to help raise some funds and that was hilarious. Not often you get the chance to tell some slightly risqué jokes in front of a headmistress and know you can get away with it! I don’t think she repeated any in assembly the next day though!
The second show we did together was absolutely beautiful. It was at The Granary, which everybody knows I adore, and the two pianos worked so well we are going to record a two piano album early in the New Year which will be initially specifically for the Wakeman’s Music Emporium online shop.

Rick and Adam at the Granary 1 Rick and Adam at the Granary 2


Also I recorded some music especially to be presented to the Queen and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace as part of a special reception held there to celebrate 125 years of the Grand Order of Water Rats. The evening was very special indeed and one I will never forget performing with the Orion String Quartet for the Queen and Prince Philip.

Then there was a special Heritage lunch for The WHO after a Blue Plaque had been put up for them. Saw lots of old friends there and there was a lot of reminiscing!

Then I had the honour of being one of the adjudicators at the Royal College of Music for some organ students who were extremely talented, but that’s to be expected. I am very proud of my association with the RCM and hope in 2015 that I can be involved much more.

Then came the Pride of Essex awards. These are truly remarkable and I recommend you have a look at the website for the Pride of Essex. Those present at the ceremony needed plenty of boxes of tissues. Not a dry eye in the house. The courage of the award winners was just astonishing and I was proud to be invited to attend.

Next came a rehearsal with my great friend Alfie Boe as I will be joining him at the O2 on the 12th December as a guest on a few pieces with him....I heard most of the rehearsals and the repertoire is just beautiful and I can’t wait to see the whole show. We are also going to be working on a project together which again, I’m really looking forward to.

To finish November off my wife and I, in the company of Roy and Debbie Hudd, went to the Thursford Xmas Celebration which is the most sensational Xmas show you will ever see. If you’ve never been it’s worth travelling from anywhere to see it.

The Grand Order of Water Rats Ball was amazing.....I was so proud of everybody who helped put it together. The Orion Orchestra and English Chamber Choir were amazing as was Kevin Orkian and of course Roy Wood and his band. Adam and I also played together and were joined by Neil Innes too.
Wonderful speakers...Sir Tim Rice, Ian Lavender and the genius who is Sandi Toksvig. What a great night...and I will have to do it all over again on the 22nd November 2015 as I was thrilled to be elected King Rat for another year.

So now into December.

On Monday 1st I will be at the Regent Theatre in Christchurch and really looking forward to that very much indeed. It’s sold out and so should be a great Xmas atmosphere.
On Friday 5th we will be driving down the road to Harleston to see the lights being switched on by Jay Aston of Bucks Fizz who is a great friend and also married to Dave Colquhoun, so it will be lovely to see them.
Sunday 7th we’re off to the British Music Hall Society dinner with Roy Hudd which is always fabulous. A wonderful society and worth checking out if you don’t know about them.
The 8th sees our annual village celebration into Xmas and sells out months in advance and is just a lovely idea initially started by our old vicar Trev the Rev.
Then on the 9th, Adam and I are up to the Symphony Hall in Birmingham as guests on Roy Woods Xmas show....really looking forward to that. Roy is a tremendous friend and a wonderful performer...If you haven’t got tickets already...go for it...it will be a fabulous night.

On Thursday 11th, I won’t be actually performing but have the pleasure of being the presenter of the Xmas concert at Freemasons Hall in Great Queen St. Open to all and a wonderful night of music.
Alfie Boe on the 12th as already mentioned and on the 14th, Ian Lavender and I will be at the Feline Care Centre where we are patrons for their Xmas Fayre.
Wednesday 19th I will be live with Simon Mayo on his Radio 2 show, playing some Xmas music and hopefully with a surprise guest in tow and on the 19th I will be playing a one man show at Histon ion the church there. I performed there a few years ago and it’s really a lovely place to play with lovely people too.
And finally, on the 27th December I will hopefully be performing in the cathedral in Warsaw. Thanks to a computer malfunction for almost two weeks, correspondence and contracts went astray but hopefully all that has been resolved as I love Warsaw and the cathedral is beautiful.

So nothing more to say than have a great Xmas and here’s to a wonderful 2015 full of music, good health and happiness.


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