GORR February 2022

GORR February 2022

Yes, I know, I'm really late with his month's GORR and I apologise!!! It's been a very difficult month trying to juggle many things and I have literally hardly had an hour's respite… so apologies yet again, but better late than never, here is the February GORR.

I'll start with my ongoing Twitter sagas… I know the people who run Twitter and do all the clever stuff are all products from The Big Bang Theory, and I accept that, but occasionally I'd like some of them to understand my world and think about stuff accordingly.

I have had two examples over the last few months… the first being actually logging in. I never used to have a problem as my computer would automatically open my Twitter up, and away I'd go ….but suddenly for no apparent reason, it stopped doing that and asked for me to log in using my password… I duly obliged and it told me my password was wrong. Who am I to argue with these IT geniuses so went for the other option on offer of resetting my password……and what's the first thing it asks me to do ? You've guessed it… enter your current password! After numerous fruitless attempts… I gave up.

Finally, after weeks of going round the houses, I managed to change my password and for a week or so, I was back in business… until I went to Hungary last week… I took my little tablet so I could do a few emails and keep in touch with the football scores!!… and tweet… no chance… The Twitter Big Bang Theory Boys told me I have to use a verification code sent to my email address… only having one device with me meant logging out of the Twitter site in order to log on to my e-mail address in order to get the verification code which meant of course once I'd got it, I'd been logged out of the Twitter site… I gave up.

Luckily when I got back home, all was fine, but it will almost certainly mean that whilst I am in America, tweets will cease as I will have the same Hungarian problem again.
I really enjoy doing tweets… but I now absolutely hate the Twitter Big Bang Theory people who run it… Join the real world please!!!
Okay that's my rant over!!

A note from the website staff - please don't email us about this.

I returned from Hungary after a wonderful time with the Gyor Filharmonic (correct spelling for Hungary) and the wonderful Festival Choir from Budapest. Gyor is a beautiful city and we were made extremely welcome by everybody including the mayor who gave us a tour of the town hall, a most beautiful building.

And so now it's final preparation time for the second leg of the American tour. (All the dates are on the website). I am not going to find out what the restrictions are until I arrive, and I suspect many of the venues will have different rules, so we'll play it by ear.

As soon as I'm back next month, rehearsals start in earnest for the prog-rock shows. It will be pretty full-on as we will have a new drummer, (as neither Ash Soan nor Tony Fernandez is available), and we will announce who it is very soon. Son Adam is in charge of that area as he seems to know everybody these days!!!
Hayley is of course not a newcomer to the fold, but it will be her first time out with the ERE. I suspect she will bring a number for the Samaritans with her!!

After the ERE shows, I truly have no idea what is happening music-wise as it's only now that promoters are starting to gain a little confidence about the future. Amazingly, I have been offered a piano show in Kiev, which is a beautiful city… but I have my doubts that it will go ahead just at the moment!

We will be moving in about 3 months, and I plan to really concentrate on writing and sorting out music and projects that are not finished. There are surprisingly…. a lot, so I think it will take a few weeks, if not months, to formulate a plan with them all.

That's it for now… the next GORR will come from America and will include an update and report on the shows as well….

All best wishes… Rick

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