GORR September 2020

GORR September 2020

It's a strange time for us all and certainly it's a confusing one as well. I have a full diary of things to get on with, but no real start or finish dates for anything, so it's a matter of preparation in the hope that things change… and I firmly believe they will have to. I'm not going to get into any arguments about what's right and wrong as regards stuff like (un)social distancing, but I believe rules will relax as they are so unevenly spread at the moment… thousands of people on beaches and yet handfuls allowed in theatres… maybe the answer is to set up stages on Brighton and Bournemouth beaches and all take it in turns to go and play!!!

In the meantime, we all struggle on with our own problems created by the pandemic, and ever the optimist, I focus on the good stuff that is happening, or hopefully will happen.

I have been so unbelievably thrilled by the response to The Red Planet, and considering it was very much "fan" driven, all of you can be proud of yourselves as well.

The reviews across the board and worldwide have been tremendous and so far to date, I have done more than 70 interviews for radio, online sites, national and local newspapers and magazines with loads more to do over the coming month.

I can't thank everybody enough and hopefully the album will do well enough to merit some promoters wanting to put on some prog rock Red Planet concerts.

Talking of concerts, we still don't know about the Xmas shows. If there is still the unsocial distancing in place then I fear they will not happen, but until we know, no decisions can be made. I believe things will change for the better or else it's going to be a Xmas that the world will want to forget.

On a positive note, this month we are going to start filming Rick's Plaice, (and that's not a spelling mistake either)!! For the first series. we are filming 6 x 40 minute shows of music and chat which will appear on our You Tube channel plus a Xmas one hour special which will include a pantomime… more details to follow on how to subscribe to this if you are up for something different.

A chunk of the programmes will focus on emails and video questions that are sent in. I tweeted about the questions a week or so ago and the response has already been great (questionsforrickwakeman@gmail.com). Just like my Planet Rock Rick's Place, I want this very much to be audience driven so it has the potential to be a lot of fun.

I have also been working on music and dance in schools for children of all ages. It's all very much in place… and hopefully will be ready to perform early next year. It would have been this year but with schools being closed plus the limitations of unsocial distancing, that proved impossible.

There are 3 other serious projects that I think will eventually reach fruition and all very different too. So life is busy… but different!

I hope you are all managing to stay sane and are having as many positive thoughts as possible…….all the best to you all…….Rick

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