GORR June 2013

GORR June 2013

Short GORR this month as 2013 continues down its rather strange path and it is rather bewildering to be honest. There’s so much happening in so many different pipelines but I can’t seem to find the ends of any of these pipes in order for stuff to actually reach fruition and start to happen, although I am assured by all third parties involved that it all will!

Last month was tinged with more sadness as my dear friend Bill Pertwee, (the warden in Dad’s Army), passed away and this month already a good friend and fellow Water Rat, Graham Walker from the Grumbleweeds has joined the ever growing illustrious band of entertainers on Heaven’s stage.
In our musical world we lost Ray Manzarek from the Doors and before anybody enquires....I’m actually feeling pretty healthy!

Looking to the future, Gloucester and Cheltenham loom ever closer and although we tried very hard to get all the performances filmed and recorded, sadly it has not come to fruition and so these one off unique performances will literally be just that.
The shows are all going to be really different and I for one will be sad that they will never be repeated so here’s hoping my memory sticks with me for years to come as these will be shows I will always want to remember.

Both the Gloucester performances are sold out and the Sunday show at the Centaur has literally a handful of tickets left so will go clean, but there is still availability for the Monday, which will end up a party night for sure!

On the television front, (I really enjoyed doing the Bowie story last month by the way), I have more Watchdogs to film which are such good fun.

On the 26th June I’ll be at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster for the all party Rock The House event. I’m a patron of the event and it’s great to see rock bands playing on the terrace outside the House of Commons.

The rest of this month is all about preparing for the future in all musical respects. This includes new music, new ideas and new projects, all of which I intend to embark upon during 2014.
I have been working on some fresh challenges in previously unchartered musical waters....and at least a couple of them I hope to be able to mention in the next few GORRs once they have been confirmed with those associated with them and will hopefully carry on through the remainder of this decade.

Finally, on a sad note. My commiserations to both my football clubs. Manchester City on losing the cup final and Brentford on missing out on promotion in the playoffs. To say I was gutted for both would be putting it mildly. The playoffs are exciting, but badly organised and ill thought out as to how they should be done. Do I think I could organise them more fairly and better?......well actually...I think I could!...and I might even write to the FA and tell them!

Well it’s nice to close on a good old moan and see you all next month unless I see any of you at Gloucester or Cheltenham...


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