GORR December 2021

GORR December 2021

Yes I know… late again!!! but I do have a good excuse… I'm out on the Christmas tour and have not taken my laptop with me so have called in at home for some clean clothes and to do a bit of catching up… including the Xmas GORR!!....so here goes.

November was very much made up of doing shed loads of interviews to promote the tour and I really do enjoy doing them. It included a podcast for Rockenteurs which is a really good one. Most I turn down because there are just too many, but there are a couple that I really like… and this is one of them.

Putting the Xmas show together was more tricky than I first thought. I wanted it to be different from the last Xmas shows and especially as I have not got an opening act with me this time. I decided to mix and match the pieces with Xmas carols and the like and also having a small keyboard rig gives me a really good option with sounds and making some of the pieces very different too.

I started in Basingstoke at the Anvil and am writing this having just arrived home from Dorking and leave for Cambridge in an hour.

It's great to be back playing again in front of people and it didn't take long to get back into the swing of things. The main thing that I miss though is seeing people after the concerts as backstage access is extremely limited to those who have to be there… understandable for everybody's health safety, but hopefully next year these necessary rules might start to be relaxed.

I finish in Hull on the 21st and get home on the 22nd so will miss all of the family Christmas preparations… and just a couple of days to sort out one or two presents.

Next year looks very promising at the moment and so I hope this is the case, not just for me and my family but for all of you as well.

So have a great Xmas and here's to an ever-improving New Year for us all and a special thank you to Wayne who somehow manages to brilliantly look after the site and all the social media as well.

Lots of festive love from me, Rachel, Teaser, Cobweb, GT, Garo, Marusko and Puff xxxxx

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