GORR November 2013

GORR November 2013

I hang my head in shame at the really late production of this GORR, but so much has been happening plus so much in the pipe-line, that I’ve hardly had a minute to think straight!

October seemed to race by and indeed, November seems to be doing the same. Shops full of Xmas stuff already.

There had been a plan for this month for me to go to Naples and perform in a beautiful church there, but literally 2 days ago that was cancelled due to a problem with their organ, which I was due to play Jane Seymour on. The e-mail I received from the Italian promoter was interesting as although he speaks English a little, in translation, things can often be misconstrued. His e-mail read along the lines of...

“It will not be possible for you to play with Jane Seymour with a damaged organ”. I think I’ll leave it there!

At the beginning of the month I had a wonderful time in Abbey Road Studios with Alfie Boe, who is presenting a television programme on the life of Queen and Freddie Mercury in particular. I have high hopes that perhaps Alfie and I might end up collaborating on something next year. Very musically exciting if it happens.

I recorded my final Watchdog of the series in the first week of the month which was great fun and hopefully there will be more for the next series.

I also did some filming for KORG for the launch of their new digital piano which is a really fabulous sounding instrument.....and before you ask...I am not paid by KORG, nor did I get a freebie!!! It’s a great instrument and a great company and I’m proud to be associated with them.

On Thursday 14th is the Classic Rock Awards at the Roundhouse where I’ll be presenting the Sprit of Prog award. I do know who is getting it, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy although I expect everybody knows anyway as with the internet life has few surprises these days!

On Tuesday 19th, there’s the launch of the new Rock the House for 2014 at the Houses of Parliament. This event has grown out of proportion and is now huge and has helped kick start some tremendous musicians and bands plus introduced a lot of MPs and Lords to music they would probably never have encountered otherwise.

Also on that day I will be at the Guildhall in my capacity as a Glover, being on their stall at a big Red Cross fund raising event.

On the 24th there is the Grand Order of Water Rats Ball at Lakeside in Surrey. This is the big Water Rats event of the year and also when the results of the “election” are announced.  There are numerous offices to be filled and I am very proud to be one of the nominees to become King Rat for 2014.  It would be tremendous to be elected but just to be in the frame I consider an honour, so whoever gets the top job is in for a great year.

I am also pleased to be able to report that I now have a fantastic publishing company, Imagem, looking after virtually everything I have ever written. This is a company I have wanted to be a part of for some time as amongst many other areas, they deal heavily in sheet music and this is something that has been sadly lacking for me for many years and this means that at last when asked “Is anything available on sheet music”?...I can say with certainty that over the coming years, an awful lot will be available.

I am also pleased to announce that a worldwide distribution deal has been set up for Journey to the Centre of the Earth and some other surprise goodies, with Journey being officially released with all the Roger Dean artwork, in January / February next year. This is the best thing that could happen as far as I’m concerned and hopefully will herald in a really exciting year for Journey.

Talking of Journey, 7 new dates have been added and tickets went on sale in the first week of this month. A new PR company has been signed up and everybody seems very excited about the prospects not just for here but also for the rest of the world.

A long way off I know, but two piano concerts are about to be signed and sealed for Japan next year along with a load of Journey shows already being put in place for South America.

Well that’s about it. There’s tons more in the pipeline for 2014 and beyond, so it seems life is going to be as interesting as ever............time to start thinking about the January GORR of resolutions and predictions, but before that the December review of the year.

Enjoy November...what’s left of it!!!


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