GORR August 2022

GORR August 2022

Where on earth did July vanish to? It's the eve of August 1st and I've literally crawled out of my Covid sick bed to write this!!!

Anyway… I've already had to cancel a few things because of Covid with one of them being the National Cat Awards at the Savoy on the 4th. I attend every year and it's a lovely day. Very moving and very rewarding… but I won't have tested negative by then so had no choice but to pull out. Hopefully, by the 9th I will be fully recovered and able to go to London to do some radio interviews with my great friend Mark Jeeves of both Planet Rock and Scala fame and also chatting about future ideas as regards radio.

On Friday 12th I will be live on the BBC talking about the performances for the PROMS that evening at the Royal Albert Hall. I'm really looking forward to doing that and seeing the concerts as well!

Barring total catastrophes along the way, by the end of the month Erik should have mixed the album and delivered it ready for mastering. I have yet to hear any of Hayley's wonderful warbling and am so looking forward to that.

On Saturday 27th I'll be attending the piano tuners annual conference at The Granary where hopefully I will get the opportunity to play the world's largest grand piano, made by Challem in the 1930s and which went missing for many years before Andrew Giller discovered and restored it.
If you'd like to see photos, check out his Flickr page.

On Monday 29th I'm giving a talk/lecture in Oxford for the University… that should be interesting. I usually avoid this kind of thing, but for some reason, I really fancied doing this… so I am!!

Looking ahead, I'm pleased to say that the Xmas tour is selling well… with 4 months still to go, nearly a third of the tickets have gone already.

That's it for August, see you in September!!!

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