GORR August 2020

GORR August 2020

Apologies for being late with this month's GORR, but I was waiting on a few confirmations about things… (honest I was)… so here we go.
One of the main things I was waiting on was the new date for the Red Planet launch at the Space Centre in Leicester. As you are probably aware , this was originally scheduled for early in the year and then the pandemic struck and we moved the date to later this month, but the restrictions would have been impossible to make it a fun occasion, (face masks are rather difficult if you're trying to do a Q&A)!!!, plus the whole catering and social distancing would have been a logistical nightmare. The decision was made to move it next year, close to the proposed Prog Rock concerts at the end of March and confirmation was received yesterday that the date of the 27th of March has been confirmed. This date will also coincide beautifully with the period when three spacecraft are due to arrive in and around Mars which left on their 7 month journeys a few weeks ago… so it should be a really special day… (I'll correct that… it WILL be a very special day)!

This was going to be the place where we finished the filming for the DVD from the CD deluxe edition. Fear not though, we have another idea! That section was going to be the question and answer session, so this is what we are going to do. Send any Red Planet question you would like to have answered to questionsforrickwakeman@gmail.com and I will be answering the best questions for inclusion on the DVD. The email address will only be open for a short while so get them in fast and we still hope the DVD will be on its way to you by the end of September.

Most of July and a lot of this month is being taken up with interviews about The Red Planet and it has meant so much to me that the reviews I have seen plus the comments from fans, have been so terrific. It really does make all the work we put into the album so worthwhile. I currently have 16 more interviews to do this month and the number seems to increase daily as the album gets released in other countries around the world. I will be very honest and say that I really hope The Red Planet does well as that would enable us to do quite a few concerts performing tracks from the album alongside some old prog classics.

The aftermath of the lockdown is still hitting really hard but I am utilising the time to work on projects and prepare for the future, and this is working really well for me. In fact I now have enough things in the pipeline, (all of which are definite to happen), to keep me busy for the next four years.

As of yesterday, the Christmas tour is still on and until I hear otherwise I will prepare for it as always. Not sure how the social distancing thing will be by then or if I have to wear a visor at the piano or a mask or even a surgical suit, but whatever it takes… I just want to do a bloody concert!!!!

That's it for this month… short I know, but blame the pandemic for that!!!
Please keep safe and well……

Cheers Rick

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