GORR January 2022

GORR January 2022

Being totally honest, I was not remotely sad about seeing 2021 disappear, so that's 2 years in a row that we've all lost, (or most of us have).

I'm hoping and praying that 2022 is an improvement and that more forms of normality kick in. I have so many projects and plans that have been started but have been unable to be carried on, plus things that were in the pipeline that have been cancelled and just a diary full of uncertainty.

Anyway, plans will continue and I will consider them all "happening" until told otherwise. As far as I am aware, all the prog rock shows are on and the second part of the Even Grumpier Old Rockstar tour of America in the mid-West and West Coast, are happening and also a Piano and Orchestra concert in Hungary on 9th February is confirmed

After that I am guessing it's a "Wait and See" scenario.

I also have the new album to finish and I am really pleased with how it's coming together and I now am going to spend some time playing around with the song melodies and the lyrics ready to send to Hayley and also some more work from me is needs as regards the keyboard arrangements for the instrumentals.

I really enjoyed the Xmas tour and have asked my management to organise one for this coming Xmas as I have some ideas as regards adding some new ideas to the existing ones I added for 2021. Certainly, the additional keyboards added a lot and having a decent 9ft Steinway Concert Grand at every show made one hell of a difference for me.

If restrictions through Covid are lifted throughout the year then I suspect there will be lots of opportunities for other live performances with other people as well as the ERE and other recording possibilities as well so I am keeping all options open .

Finally… Twitter. I've had a few access issues recently which will be sorted soon I hope, as I enjoy posting my morning tweets.

No other news to report really… here's to a seriously GREAT 2022 for everybody!!

Much love… Rick

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