GORR February 2020

GORR February 2020

January has raced by and for certain, the next few months will be the same. I enjoy being busy but will admit that there are times when I really feel like just relaxing for a couple of days away from it all....trouble is, when I try and do that, I’m bored within a couple of hours and it’s back to work!!

I’ll start with an update as regards the new album.

As mentioned before, it is a keyboard heavy (now there’s a surprise), prog rock instrumental album. There are 8 tracks in total and the album length is around 56 minutes.

As well as having Erik Jordan in charge of the recording, I also have on board the services of three exceptional musicians in Lee Pomeroy on bass, Dave Colquhoun on guitars and Ash Soan on drums.

The basic tracks are already recorded and that includes contributions from the musicians named above and I am thrilled with the results so far. I still have a lot to add to each track and that will be done throughout this month before Erik starts his task of mixing it all so it ends up sounding like it should!

There are great plans afoot for a very special playback session and other surprises too. It’s been great fun getting back to prog and I think the period away from recording such an album has contributed greatly to making The Red Planet sound extremely fresh.

The album is very much taking up all my time for the coming weeks, hence no other appearances anywhere or trip away, but they will soon start appearing once the album is delivered.

One heads up though is the return of my concert with Peter Egan for Animal’s Asia and the wonderful Moon Bears which is taking place at the Mill in Sonning on the 1st of March. Please come along and support this wonderful charity if you can. I can guarantee a great night.

Cheers, Rick

Please do not send messages about future plans. As soon as dates are known they will be released. Thanks!

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