GORR December 2019

GORR December 2019

Apologies for no November GORR......the month was totally chaotic and I simply fell behind with everything. I hang my head in shame!

Anyway, here is December, (admittedly late as well), but I promise the January GORR will be full for information that may come as nice surprise.

Christmas Portraits came out on November 29th and has had some really nice reviews, which I have to say is always pleasing and the same goes for the reviews of the Grumpy Xmas Tour....... so thanks to all who have come so far to the shows and made it so enjoyable for me.

The rest of the tour dates are on the site, so if you can make one then I am sure that you will have a lovely evening even if I don’t dress up as either Santa or an elf.

When the tour finishes.... then so do I!! It’s then family visiting and a bit of Xmas shopping. This year is going to be a quiet one for us as it’s been quite a traumatic year with all the serious family health issues and passing of Rachel’s father and of course 2 of our beloved pussy cats. Hopefully 2020 will see the end of all the not nice stuff and certainly musically there are already fabulous plans in the pipeline which I will reveal in the January GORR, along with my forecasts for the year.

On the 16th I will be live on Scala radio on the Simon Mayo show, playing live and I believe there’s a few people invited in the studio to make a small audience..... and knowing the size of the studio.... I hope they both enjoy it!

Not sure when, but the radio show I did with Jools Holland is due for broadcast soon, as is the one I pre-recorded with Steve Wright.

If you can pick up BBC Radio Suffolk, then I am on live on the 23rd at 4pm, playing a few carols and generally making a nuisance of myself too.

Just looking back over the month, I took part in our village annual Xmas celebration in aid of the Salvation Army and First Responders and as always it was a great night with many of the villagers taking part. The only down side was that they were serving mince pies and I’m not allowed any!!! I shall be having one on Xmas Eve, one on Xmas Day and one on Boxing Day though as my Xmas treat!

Have a great Xmas and thanks so much for all the support you have given me over the years. It really does mean a lot....... thank you....

Cheers, Rick

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