GORR February 2021

GORR February 2021

January does seem to have gone by pretty quickly and whilst I don't like wishing time away, at least it brings us closer to some semblance of normality, whenever that is likely to be!

I'm also not going to ramble on about how tough it is as that doesn't help. I am trying really hard along with my management team and musical business partners, to come up with plans and ideas for the future… this year and 2022 as well.

Concerts already booked are continually being moved to later dates but a move far outways a cancellation so that's fine by me. It does seem that by the end of the summer there should definitely be some things happening as regards live performance and I hope the enforced wait will make everything worthwhile.

It's interesting that the world and his uncle seem to be doing podcasts since the lockdowns started and I get around a dozen requests a week. At the start of all the restrictions last year I did a great fun podcast with my good friend Michael Fenton-Stevens and also a follow up short one at Xmas with him. His podcasts are so well thought out and have a lovely fun twist to them so they really worked for me. He also did them with some fabulous people. Every other podcast I turned down and will continue to do so unless something that interests me turns up. Early days of podcasting such as Peter Crouch I liked, as he was one of the first out of the blocks and the fact that we both went to Drayton Manor school has no bearing or influence on the matter!!! (we were many years apart though)!

Rick's Plaice seems to have gone down well and there will certainly be some more, but the lockdown has put the kybosh on any filming with more people than me!!! I will be doing little bits to camera to post throughout the month just to show I'm still around!!!

No recording at the moment, but I am doing a lot of music writing and putting together ideas as well. Always something to do but difficult when you can't see a finish line.

On a non-musical front, we are adopting two wonderful rescue Labradors. One from China …a beautiful year old girl called Puff who was literally on the menu and waiting to be eaten in a restaurant… she is sweet and loving and loves cats too!!! Hopefully we can get her here by March.

Garo, a black Labrador cross, was rescued in Bosnia where he had an appalling first 7 years of life that is truly best not to talk about. He is very loving and likes cats too….so both are perfect for us. We are hoping Garo will arrive by the end of February.

It also solves the problem of me getting exercise as Garo and Puff will certainly want me to join them on their daily walks!!!  It was pointed out to me by one of my kids that I was never overweight when I had dogs back in the 70s. 80s and 90s…………….so that's encouraging.

Hopefully, the March GORR will have more musical forecasts and some promising news about the future.

In the meantime, stay well and healthy and hopefully most of you will be "jabbed" by the time of the next GORR….and that includes me …not heard a thing yet!


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