GORR June 2012

GORR June 2012

Just when you think things are settling down and all is going well, an enormous fly lands in the ointment and all hell breaks loose.
I’m referring mainly of course to Crystal Palace being cancelled due to a rotting stage, health and safety and numerous other problems that we were suddenly told about.
It was soon clear that it was not a salvageable event and so attention turned immediately to Norwich and the show at the Open on the 22nd. It’s a fabulous new venue and so we decided to build something around that, but we wanted it to be a bit special and that’s where the idea of The Phoenix Shows arose.
With little time to sort anything out, I decided to try think out of the box and come up with a unique package and we hope that what we’ve come up with will appeal, even though it’s all been put together at such short notice.

On Thursday 21st of June I’ll be doing my very first unplugged with a band and to make it somewhat different to what may be expected, I have invited my son Oliver to join me on stage with 2 concert grand pianos for the entire performance along with Dave Colquhoun on acoustic guitars, Tony Fernandez on percussion and Ashley Holt vocals.
Musically it will be very very different from the prog band show and will also include something else as a first, which is a Q&A and also where I have succumbed to allowing the other guys to answer! (I must have been delirious when I agreed to that)!

The show will be at least two and a half hours long plus an interval at will be held at the wonderful Granary in Toft Monks near Beccles. It will be a genuine one-off and as the Granary only seats 120 should have a wonderful atmosphere.

The following night at the Open in Norwich, we will be doing the only English Rock Ensemble show in the UK this year and with the line up if Dave Colquhoun, Ashley Holt, Lee Pomeroy and Tony Fernandez, I have the true band of choice and it looks like being a great night.

Both shows are being filmed and more details about this will shortly be appearing on the website.

The rest of June is pretty interesting with a lot of recording to be made plus more radio shows for Radio Nova to be prepared and recorded.

I’m also very honoured to have been invited to perform at Windsor Castle as part of a celebration for Prince Philip, so I must remember to be on my best behaviour!

I have a series of rehearsals to work with the percussion department of the Royal College of Music for who I have written a suite of music entitled CLOCKWORK and will be performed in early July.

There is an awful lot going on at the moment but so much is up in the air and waiting for confirmation on things is unbelievable frustrating at times, but when the green lights are given it does become very exciting...even at my age!!

Keep your eye on the website...........lots going to be announced over the coming weeks and in the meantime hope many of you can make The Granary and The Open.


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