Reviews by Downeast Bruce

Reviews by Downeast Bruce

Review of Romance of the Victorian Age submitted on 8th June 1997

Simple genius,the flow of the selections on an individual basis, as well as collectively, just fit together so perfectly. A thing of beauty IS a joy forever.

Review of The Six Wives of Henry VIII submitted on 21st June 1997

I bought this album 24 years ago, (it still plays well!) I have been in love with it ever since. No other album has ever had such a major influence on my taste in music -thanks Rick!. This work firmly and convincingly establishes Rick as the Premier Musician/Composer of our time (Rick was only 23!). In my opinion, Rick Wakeman is the Mozart of our generations.

Review of Journey to the Centre of the Earth submitted on 21st June 1997

A bold experiment that works! Listen to this one, in it's entirety, in a "quasi-quad" mode. Kick back in the "Lazy-Boy", close your eyes, and become engulfed in the fantasy.

Review of Wakeman with Wakeman submitted on 26th July 1997

This is a powerful, dynamic father and son collaboration. If you like music with a bit of a raw edge to it, check this CD out. This disc is quite different than "Romance of the Victorian Age". "Shields Up!, Red Alert!" Paint it Black will rock your socks off!

Review of Rick Wakeman's Greatest Hits submitted on 27th July 1997

Disc 1: Don't Kill the Whale is absolutely superb! Disc 2: The totally instrumental arrangement of "Journey..." is incredible! In fact, I like it better than the original (I know, "hard to believe"). Catherine of Aragon only makes me wish that Rick would release a 25th anniversary of the 6 Wives.. done in the same style as this version. For some strange reason, when I listen to "Sea Horses", I visualize MIR & the Space Shuttle doing their "Ballet in Space" - the first docking maneuvers between the two.

Review of Rick Wakeman In Concert submitted on 23rd August 1997

I agree this release does showcase Rick's talents as a live performer. I only wish that the quality(?) of the recording would be on the same level as Rick's ability to perform. Audiophiles Beware!!

Review of A Suite of Gods submitted on 2nd September 1997

Another theme-based release. You should understand that I prefer music of this genre to be virtually all instrumental. Having said that, I have to admit that Ramon Ramedios has an excellent voice!, it compliments some of the most beautiful music Rick has ever done (that I've heard). Some label the music "New Age", but I would say that it has strength yet mellow; smoothness (very fluid), beauty, and a sense of spirituality. My brother who prefers chorale, religious music loves this. It made for a great(xmas) gift!!

Review of Fields of Green Maxi-Single submitted on 15th September 1997

Election '97/Arthur is a wonderful, 'majestic' piece, blending the theme from Arthur (song) with a couple others, well blended!! Starship Trooper is broken down into 2 parts here. Part 1, my first time hearing Chrissie Hammond's voice - marvellous. Part 2 has to be one of those incredible performances that makes you shake your head in disbelief, Rick takes the music 'to the edge' and beyond!! Absolutely the best rendition of this song you'll ever hear! Only 800 available, get yours while they last!!

Review of Voyage submitted on 15th February 1998

WOW!!! A true "best of" compilation, covering Rick's work during the 1970's. Not only do you get "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" in it's entirety, there are 4 tracks from "The 6 Wives of Henry VIII", 3 tracks from "Arthur....", 4 tracks from the very hard to find "White Rock", 2 tracks from "Rhapsodies", a live recording from his "Strawbs" days (Temperance of Mind), 2 tracks from the hard to find "Criminal Record" - including the epic "Judas Iscariot", 2 tracks from "Lisztomania", and 1 track from "No Earthly Connection". Also included is a 12 page booklet with pictures and commentary. A "must have" for any Wakeman enthusiast (or a newcomer to the wonders of Rick's music), especially if your vinyl copies of these tracks are a little worn from excessive play. The quality of the sound on the 2 discs is excellent!! If you find it, BUY IT!! You will not be disappointed!!

Review of Tribute submitted on 15th February 1998

An absolutely wonderful CD! Rick covers some of the Beatles best songs in his own unique style. Some of the tracks are downright upbeat and quite energetic, while other selections are mellowed very sweetly. "Eleanor Rigby" and "While My Guitar Gently W

Review of Classical Variations submitted on 9th January 2002

Classical Variations is wonderful! Rick plays 10 great classical piano pieces in his own style; creating new arrangements, or variations, with the quality we expect from Rick. His execution is virtually flawless, and the grand piano itself sounds so good! It is peaceful, strong, sweet... everything a great piano album should sound like. This is an album that should be in every piano lover's collection! "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Thank you Rick! Please do more of these! We await your piano concerto(s)!!!