Classical Variations (2001)

Classical Variations

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#Track TitleLength
1Pathetique - Beethoven06:22
2Meditation - Massenet04:42
3O, My Beloved Father - Puccini05:31
4O, For The Wings Of A Dove - Mendelssohn04:18
5Pavane - Fauré06:56
6Berceuse - Fauré04:42
7Largo - Handel03:04
8The Swan - Saint Saëns04:25
9Where'er You Walk - Handel06:15
10Variations On The New World Symphony - Dvorak10:14
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanGrand PianoAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • Grand Piano
  • Recorded at Phoenix Sound, Wembley and Sound Aim Studios, IoM
  • Erik Jordan
  • Scott Campbell-Smith (Asst)
Rick's Perspective
This was the last of the piano albums that I recorded during my "piano period" and perhaps one of the most delightful as far as I was concerned. It was a great exercise in taking some of the great classics and performing new arrangements and variations on them whilst hopefully still retaining their original brilliance. I would like to think I succeeded and like this album a lot.
Wakey's Verdict
Good stuff and lovely to play during a romantic evening........(I really must sort this out)!!!
Little Known Trivia

Robert Nancarrow on 23rd May 2013 [Other reviews]

When people are asked which is their favourite Rick Wakeman album, there are some understandably predictable answers such as Six Wives, King Arthur and Journey. However, as good as they all undoubtedly are, the Classical Variations album is certainly a contender for me as the best.
Once again, Rick displays his undoubted talent as an imaginative arranger of other people's material. The notion of an album of classical material could prove challenging to some ears, and yet the selection draws on a number of well known standards, that those of us of a certain age, are all familiar with.
Whilst showing due deference to the material, Rick interprets each composition in his own distinctive style. My personal favourite is his interpretation of 'Pavane by Faure', which is simply sublime. Other high points include an imaginative interpretation of 'Dvorak's New World Symphony' and 'Berceuse by Faure', which some of you may remember as the theme to Listen with Mother.
A hidden gem definitely worth discovering.

Downeast Bruce on 9th January 2002 [Other reviews]

Classical Variations is wonderful! Rick plays 10 great classical piano pieces in his own style; creating new arrangements, or variations, with the quality we expect from Rick. His execution is virtually flawless, and the grand piano itself sounds so good! It is peaceful, strong, sweet... everything a great piano album should sound like. This is an album that should be in every piano lover's collection! "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Thank you Rick! Please do more of these! We await your piano concerto(s)!!!