Rick Wakeman In Concert (1995)

Rick Wakeman In Concert

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#Track TitleLength
1Journey to the Centre...12:03
2Catherine Howard11:42
3Lancelot and the Black Knight05:30
4Anne Boleyn08:57
5The Forest06:43
6Arthur and Guinevere14:40
7Merlin The Magician07:21
8Catherine Parr08:29
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Ashley HoltVocalsAll
John DunstervilleGuitars/MandolinAll
John HodgsonPercussionAll
Martyn ShieldsTrumpetAll
Reg BrooksTromboneAll
Roger NewellBass/VocalsAll
Tony FernandezDrumsAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
CD70710-88009-2King Biscuit Flower HourUK
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • No info
  • Winterland Theatre, San Francisco live on 2nd Nov 1975
  • No info
Rick's Perspective
This is another product that really shouldn't be out on the street! It is just the audio taken from a live television recording made at Nottingham. Not worth having really. The video is a bit of history but could do with a remix!!!
Wakey's Verdict
If this is the only album of mine that you' don't have then you'll probably want it to complete the collection!
Little Known Trivia
The only sober person amongst the entire entourage that day was the car park attendant!

Reniet Ramirez on 3rd November 2002 [Other reviews]

The most incredible this in this ambum is Ashely Holt, is emotional voice is just AMAZING!!!!. The trumpet and trombone in "Lancelot..." takes the song into a whole new level. If you were gonna compare this to Yes, this would be the "Yessongs" of Rick.

Max Hult on 12th January 2000 [Other reviews]

Rick has rearranged the "journey"-parts very nicely. The whole album is performed in a "journey"-like way, with a trombone and a trumpet added. The way Rick fits the instruments with tracks like "lancelot & the black knight" and "anne boleyn" is great for a change, i like them better than the original versions. If you like when Rick plays classical piano, you should check out the "anne boleyn"-outro, where he improvises a lot and extends the outro to about 2 minutes. Merlin the magician is the weakest point of the album, the mics seem not to pick up the lower frequenzies of rick's synth-solo very good, so there's a big lost. Ashley's voice is better than ever, he sings the "forest"-part perfectly (where gary's voice cracks on the original journey)

Rhett Nilsen on 7th December 1997 [Other reviews]

This album is one of the best live recordings I have heard. The skill of the musicians is heard throughout the recording and the vocals are excellent. "Journey to the Center of the Earth" is a beautiful rendition as is the extended version of "Catherine H

Downeast Bruce on 23rd August 1997 [Other reviews]

I agree this release does showcase Rick's talents as a live performer. I only wish that the quality(?) of the recording would be on the same level as Rick's ability to perform. Audiophiles Beware!!

Eduardo Valle on 1st February 1997 [Other reviews]

Unbelievable performance! Wakeman played with the English Rock Ensemble. The orchestra was replaced by trumpets and trombones in a great style. Wakeman gives us frantic solos with his Moogs that were used as never before. This is the best live version of his first three concept albums, played sometimes, in the No Earthly Connection style.