Reviews by Hans van Hengel

Reviews by Hans van Hengel

Review of 1984 submitted on 11th December 2008

For some reason unknown to me Rick himself is much too negative about this one. OK it's no Six Wives, King Arthur or Journey but it grows on you as you play it more often.

Review of Treasure Chest Volume 1 - The Real Lisztomania submitted on 10th September 2015

The treasure chest truly became a chest of treasures. The OST released by A&M was good enough (despite the writer's verdict) but this album takes it just that two stops farther. Rick managed to produce a soundtrack mixed with some dialogue that turns the score into a film of its own. You don't need to see the film to get the picture. This version does it for you.

Review of Journey to the Centre of the Earth 2012 submitted on 10th September 2015

CAN IT BE DONE? This studio version of the Journey is by far superior to the original. The rediscovered score is recorded superbly. The keyboard parts by Mr Wakeman are as impressive as 40 years ago. And the reinstalled parts that were cut from the old album sound fantastic. Due to the fact that it is a studio recording it fits in well with the "Return" album. Of course there are some people sadly missing after 40 odd years but Rick managed to take the Journey into the 21th century.

Review of Video Vault Volume 5 - Night Music submitted on 9th April 2016

Rick Wakeman plays Night Music? No witty lines but a musical highlight!! A late night show with Rick more laid back work. The sound quality is excellent and the choice of the songs is superb. An absolute knockout version of Gray's Elegy In a Country Churchyard by Robert Powell. A must have and by far the best volume in the Video Vault series.

Review of Video Vault Volume 2 - Live at the Maltings 1976 submitted on 9th April 2016

The Old Grey Whistle Test? Although the sound quality is a bit poor it is great fun.The ERE is at full speed and this time around Ashley Holt remembered his lines. This recording is of the No Earthly Connection period. There is no orchestra but the ERE fills in nicely.The recording is not brilliant but the energy of the show shines through.There aren't many live recordings of the No Earthly Connection album so this is a treat for fans like me.

Review of Video Vault Volume 1 - 1975 Live at the Empire Pool King Arthur on Ice submitted on 9th April 2016

In the wake of the re-recording of King Arthur I took a view at this DVD once more. The DVD gives you a glimpse at the scope of the whole idea of performing on ice. Downsides to the DVD: "Merlin" is missing and for some odd reason there is an unwanted doubling of a short piece Galahad. The sound is what you can expect of a 1975 video tape. (B-) It might have been a great show but it was recorded poorly. But for diehard fans like me it's a piece of history.

Review of The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table 2016 submitted on 17th October 2016

It's no use comparing this one with the 1975 edition. The recording is superior, and the additions musically refer to the 2012 "Journey" due to Haley Sanderson. There's even a hint of 1984. I loved the original Ashley Holt vocals more than his new renditions. But still his contribution to the album is vital. We all know the story of Rick's heart problems during the writing of the original songs. On this version there's more sparks and the album sounds less dark and moody. The new Arthur is a worthy follow up to the new Journey and the new Wives. Has Wakey's career come full circle with this one or is there more to come???