Video Vault Volume 5 - Night Music (2007)

Video Vault Volume 5 - Night Music

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#Track TitleLength
1Sea Horses
2Merlin The Magician
3Elgin Mansions
4Bedtime Stories
5Gone But Not Forgotten
6Gole and Black Pearls
7Catherine Howard
8Gray's Elegy (with Robert Powell)
9After The Ball
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
DVD NTSCRICKVV5DVDVoiceprintWorldwide
Equipment Studio Engineering
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Originally released as part of the limited edition Video Vault boxed set.

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Rick's Perspective

Back in the early 80s, a wonderful TV series called A Little Night Music, filmed in Birmingham had quite an assortment of musical styles over the weeks that the series ran.
The performance was recorded live at Pebble Mill in Birmingham and a small budget was given to me to do some orchestrations for the additional orchestral musicians that were booked to perform with me. A children’s choir was also brought in for Bedtime Stories, but they were perhaps a little too young and brings to mind the well known saying “Never work with children or animals”! Whilst they were very angelic and looked great, trying to get them to sing at the same time proved virtually impossible, but the piece certainly ended up with a lot of charm.
I recall the evening very well for a very sad reason and that was that Robert Powell, who narrated Gray’s Elegy, had tragically just lost his father to cancer and so Gone But Not Forgotten took on a new and very special meaning that night.

Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Hans van Hengel on 9th April 2016 [Other reviews]

Rick Wakeman plays Night Music? No witty lines but a musical highlight!! A late night show with Rick more laid back work. The sound quality is excellent and the choice of the songs is superb. An absolute knockout version of Gray's Elegy In a Country Churchyard by Robert Powell. A must have and by far the best volume in the Video Vault series.