Journey to the Centre of the Earth 2012 (2012)

Journey to the Centre of the Earth 2012

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#Track TitleLength
1The Preface01:10
2The Journey Overture02:25
3The Journey's Dawn03:39
5The Gothic Cathedral01:07
6The Quest for Water01:18
7The Hansbach02:55
8Fervent Prayer00:41
9The Recollection02:32
10Lost and Found00:44
124 Miles00:18
13The Reunion02:42
14A New Vista00:50
15A World Within a World02:14
16The Raft01:07
17The Battle05:55
18Cumulus Clouds00:38
19The Storm02:02
20The Cemetery01:28
21Quaternary Man04:50
23The Forest02:31
24Ages of Man01:56
25The Tunnel01:53
26Hall of the Mountain King00:53
27Mount Etna03:17
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Ashley HoltVocalsAll
The English Chamber ChoirChoirAll
Guy ProtheroeConductorAll
Tony FernandezDrumsAll
Lee PomeroyBassAll
Dave ColquhounGuitarsAll
Hayley SandersonVocalsAll
Peter EganNarratorAll
The Orion OrchestraOrchestraAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • No info
  • Recorded at Pavilion Studios, Norfolk, July and August 2012
    •Recorded at Angelic Studios, Brackley, August 2012
    •Recorded at Abbey Road Studio, London, 2 September 2012
  • Erik Jordan
Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Thierry on 14th May 2017 [Other reviews]

Meilleure interprétation et meilleur enregistrement. c'est mon album préféré... Hayley Sanderson a une voix très sensuelle et tous les musiciens sont au top. Amitiés fraternelles!

Juan Mares on 17th June 2016 [Other reviews]

What could I say? This was one of the first of Rick's albums I heard back in the good old 70s. I always wondered why such powerful and inspired piece was recorded live, and how it would sound like if recorded at a studio? And now here it is, not just the old Journey in its full studio glory but much more, extended wilth those parts that were originally omitted for the vinyl release. An incredible work and incredible piece of music, and my only complain is that we have had to wait so long to be able to listen to this. The original is part of music history, but I have to say that this is much better. Really.

Hans van Hengel on 10th September 2015 [Other reviews]

CAN IT BE DONE? This studio version of the Journey is by far superior to the original. The rediscovered score is recorded superbly. The keyboard parts by Mr Wakeman are as impressive as 40 years ago. And the reinstalled parts that were cut from the old album sound fantastic. Due to the fact that it is a studio recording it fits in well with the "Return" album. Of course there are some people sadly missing after 40 odd years but Rick managed to take the Journey into the 21th century.

Reg Berry on 10th April 2014 [Other reviews]

Great to hear the album in its entirety after all these years after being so use to the live album from 1974. Enjoyed it immensely. However, like some reviews I have read not too sure about the female vocalist but I am sure it will grow on people. Looking forward to the Glasgow show in May. I was lucky enough to be at the RFH in 1974!!!

George R on 25th January 2013 [Other reviews]

I used to think Return to the Centre of the Earth was Rick's best record, but the new Journey tops it. This is simply the ultimate concept album and the ultimate prog album.
Journey is what I would call ear candy. The production is excellent. The orchestra sounds very rich, and there are some wonderful keyboard sounds. And once again Rick didn't let his album get destroyed by the mastering engineer. Journey is a very healthy and dynamic record.
A special highlight is Dave Colquhoun's guitar playing. The solo in Quaternary Man is incredibly clever and the guitar sound is fantastic.
The new material does not disrupt the flow of the record, probably because it was supposed to be there originally. The transitions from one track to another are all great and the story feels more complete with the missing pieces put back.
This album may not have quite the same level of energy as the live performances of Journey in the 1970's, but I think this is overall Rick's best studio record.

Howard Dick on 1st January 2013 [Other reviews]

Just wanted to share with all. This is truly an outstanding album. With the added music and the nice booklet, what an added bonus. Rick really takes Journey over the "TOP". Thank you Rick for continuing to make music for your fans around the world. I have truly been blessed to hear and enjoy such his music. I've passed Rick's music along to my son who is majoring in music in college and what real music is all about. He is a hugh fan. He is also grateful for Rick's music. He really appreciates and understands the classical is the key to success. Thank you Rick and God Bless you and your family and all at RWCC.