Reviews by Guillermo Villegas

Reviews by Guillermo Villegas

Review of The Six Wives of Henry VIII submitted on 12th June 1999

It is a nice album, it is one of the greatest combinations of classical music and progressive rock I've ever listened to. I really love it, and it's the only good album I've listened from Alan White (drummer on tracks 2,4 and 6). If someone asks me, "Which Wakeman album shall I listen to?", the first one I'll mention would be The six wives of Henry VIII.

Review of Return To The Centre Of The Earth submitted on 19th July 1999

I've only listened to this album twice, but I liked it! Is pretty good, it's like reading a read-along storybook and the songs are the sounds that tell when to turn the page,there are relaxing songs and good, thrilling songs, this album demonstrates why Rick is one of the best musicians in the world, while writing every instruments piece, all the music and words are composed by Rick Wakeman! How does he do that!

Review of 1984 submitted on 20th September 1999

I found this cassete in my father's collection along with MaLoKing Arthur, well, this one was found but with a cut tape so I was unable to listen to it but 1984 was brand new (my father bought it in 1982!!!) I listened to it and man, the overture is fantastic, I like Jon Anderson's vocals on the Hymn, Robot man is also cool but in this song I don't like the vocals so much. In the cassette I found all the names of the songs were translated to Spanish because it was made in Mexico, so it was hard for me to translate them to English, but finally I translated them all. The keyboards are played very good, no other keyboardist can play this! (maybe some from this album)

Review of The Classical Connection submitted on 20th September 1999

First of all, looking at where can I find this album on the discography page,I saw that it was impossible to me to get it, but, believe it or not, I found a copy of this album in Houston,tx! I didn't give it a second thought and bought it, and when I listen to it, I realized that this mad keyboardist played the piano as if it was too easy to play it, and like in the description on the CD, Rick Wakeman is a virtuoso of the classic piano (I think that this was an electric piano) but anyway, the 2 tracks from "The six wives..." are incredible and the 1984 overture, man, how he do that!!

Review of Journey to the Centre of the Earth submitted on 22nd May 2000

I love this album!!!!!! This album makes Rick the Beethoven of our time!!! Every damn piece is written by Rick himself! I just don't believe it, great orchestration and choir. Rick plays the keyboards with his magic fingers as always. This one has more complex music than the Return of the Centre of the Earth, that's why I like this album more than the Return. The narration is cool too...