RWCC News May 1989

RWCC News May 1989

First of all a hearty welcome to a load of new members, (the insanity rate is definitely rising!), which include new friends from Sweden, Australia, West Germany and the USA. International madness we call it here on the Isle of Man!

Update on Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe

The album is due for release sometime in the first two weeks of June, and for those of you who like to be one up on other YES freaks, here follows the track titles. These may only apply to the CD version as there is over 58 minutes worth of recorded music which may be reduced to accommodate album and cassette versions.

THEMES. 1, 2, 3. (5'58)
QUARTET (9'22)
TEABOIS (7'39)

We are reliably informed that the album will be shipped GOLD in the USA, which means that the lads will get a gold album on the strength of advance orders alone, so platinum cannot be far around the corner!

Tickets for Wembley Arena, the NEC in Birmingham and the Edinburgh Playhouse are selling very quickly we're told. At present there are no plans to add on dates when these are sold out. Any further information can be obtained from SUNARTS on 01 727 2791. As previously confirmed Roger Dean has produced the album sleeve and organised the stage design. (Rick has confirmed it is totally outrageous and over the top as usual, which of course meets thoroughly with his approval!).

There are serious possibilities that the tour (or some of it) will be filmed and recorded for both audio and visual sale some time in the future, so it is highly probable that the next release from the four will be that of a live recording.

Rehearsals begin in June and the band leave for the USA to start the tour in mid July

The 20th Anniversary Tour

It looks almost 100% certain that the Astoria concert on the 22nd of May will either be moved or possibly cancelled. This is due to the Astoria changing ownership, which means that the contract that we had with the existing management is no longer valid. This presents enormous problems for Rick as a mobile 24 track from Advision studios has been booked to record the show, as well as Walthamstow, for release later in the year. As you can appreciate this means that at present there is only one gig to record, and that is insufficient insurance to guarantee a final quality product.

To add to the problems, negotiations are 95% completed on a deal to video the whole concert, which would include a gospel choir supplying suitable rock backing for the fat man of pop (Ashley Holt).

We sincerely suggest that any of you who wish to attend the London dates, whenever they may be, to contact Carla at the office, and she can keep you informed.

David Paton would like to thank everybody who has sent him a road map! (For those of you who missed the story in the nationals, the silly *** went to the wrong gig whilst we were all waiting for him in Buxton).

The Gospels

Ramon Remedios is working very hard at putting on the GOSPELS in Liverpool Cathedral with all the money going to the HILLSBOROUGH disaster fund. This, if he can pull it together, will be within the next two weeks. Again, please contact Carla if you need more information.

The remaining concerts in the UK at present are just CARDIFF on May 21st, with WALTHAMSTOW the day before. SOUTHAMPTON guild hall is on the 8th of May.

We are still looking at the possibilities of putting in more gigs at the end of May through the first two weeks in June.

The next part of this newsletter is taken up with answering some of your queries, at least, those we know the answers to!

We have put in orders for the "Ferdinand" Italian solo release, and prices should be with us soon. If we know before this newsletter goes off we'll enclose the prices.

It is possible that a film and album will be made from the Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe tour. It is unlikely that any music from Topographic Oceans will be played although the odds are strong on Roundabout and Close to the Edge.

A lot of people have asked about the Chris Squire situation. In a nut-shell, Chris is signed with YES in America and to the best of our knowledge are contracted to make a new YES album. Unlike the feelings that seem to be coming from across the Atlantic from that camp regarding the Anderson, Wakeman, Bruford Howe situation, all the guys in ABWH are looking forward to hearing their album and genuinely wish them continued success. In no way whatsoever have ABWH ever felt any form of competition between the bands and feel that some of the petty comments have been totally unnecessary and un-called for and perhaps a little childish.

A lot of you have asked about compilation tapes and records. Putting together TV music and radio stuff is legally very difficult as rights are hard to ascertain and secure, but we're winning battles all the time and hopefully in a year or so's time, this may be possible. President have compiled a compilation from their collection of Wakeman product for Pickwick records, in their GOLD series. Release date as yet unknown. Sea Airs is at present being considered by President Records for release in the near future. To the best of our knowledge there are no tapes in existence of SKY with Rick performing, not even a bootleg from the Australian tour! Rick frequently gets asked about keyboards which is difficult as it is often down to personal taste. The Roland E20 has arisen this time. Good machine! He says! CD's. To the best of our knowledge all the releases exist, albeit some as Japanese imports! except No Earthly Connection, Listzomania, Rock n Roll Prophet, Cost of Living, 1984, Crimes of Passion, Gole, The Burning, and there are no plans that we know of to release those.

Yes Rick still has his Mender Pipe organ that is booked to be restored at his house on the Isle of Man. Rondor Music reside at l0a Parsons Green, London SW6,


May the 8th, BBC 2. Rick is cooking...,Yes, cooking, The series is called the Reluctant cook and you may well see the rest of the Wakeman clan tucking in to his barbecue efforts, The Anthems album looks almost certain to be put back until the end of the year. This is creating somewhat of a backlog of recorded material at the moment, as with Sea Airs in the can and the live album (or possible double album) in prospect it could get rather silly. As yet we have no solution to the problem.

The Time machine has dust been released in West Germany on the Bellaphon label, as has Zodiaque, although Zodiaque is for CD release only.

HTV have commissioned Rick and the band to play on the 12th October in Swansea, with full TV coverage to cover their festival. This luckily slots right between the AWBH tours of North America and Europe.

We have been informed that the following films that Rick has been involved with are available on video.

Crime of Passion
The Burning
Creep Show Two
White Rock

On May 5th and 6th Rick and Jon, Steve and Bill will be making a video for the single, which is a six and a half minute version of Brother of mine. There is a special four and a half minute single especially for radio play. The video is being made by "STORM".

The initial orders for the new album in America alone at the end of March topped 600,000

Stop Press

Rick's good friend Jim Davidson has invited Rick to join him and some other "comics" at the London Palladium on the 4th of June at a gala performance in aid of Leukaemia. Tickets are on sale now and the whole show is being sponsored by the Sun. Nina (Rick's wife) and Jilly Johnson are doing the raffle, and Rick will be doing at least a four to five minute spot.

Finally, many thanks for all your letters and interest. It has far exceeded our expectations, and we are getting half a dozen or so new members each week, so we are growing at a nice steady pace. This figure does heftily increase after gigs though and so we once again would like to welcome all you newcomers.

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