RWCC News November 1988

RWCC News November 1988

New Address


Dear everybody,

Yes, at last we have an office but not a telephone!

The telephone will be installed sometime in November, and we will notify you all of the number, where you will be able to call with permanent queries.

Also, at last, we have managed to get the promised mail order off of the ground, and that will also be run from the same office.

You will find enclosed a copy of the price list that is available now, (before it goes off to the printers) We will of course be adding a new range of T-shirts and other goodies, which we will inform you of as soon as we know when the deliveries are due.

All club members will get a 5% discount for starters, which hopefully in the future we may be able to improve upon, but as we are buying in small quantities at the moment, this is the best we can do.

You will all be receiving the new brochure / programme for 1989, which is the one that marks Rick's twentieth anniversary. It should go on sale at gigs very shortly, so DON'T buy one as yours will be on its way to you as soon as they have been delivered. You will obviously be aware that this bulletin has arrived late, and for this we apologise, although there is a very good reason.

It is now virtually one hundred percent certain that Rick will be joining forces with Bill Bruford, Steve Howe and Jon Anderson to produce one more YES album.

This has been in the pipeline for some weeks now, but Rick was hoping that full confirmation would have arrived by the end of October, so we could have put 100% information and facts in this bulletin.

But we are now in the first week of November, and we felt we couldn't hang on any longer.

Anyway, for those of you interested, this is the story so far.

Rick and Jon have had a lengthy meeting and have exchanged music and musical ideas

It is scheduled that the album will be recorded in France during the first three months of 1989.

It is also proposed that in the latter half of the year some concerts will be performed. Obviously no venues or dates have been chosen yet.

As soon as more details are finalised then we will put them all in the next bulletin, which incidentally should be on our new paper! (Carla lives in hope).

This obviously means that 1989, Rick's planned 20th anniversary year, is going to be extremely busy, as he has numerous other events planned to fit in as well, ANTHEMS.

The Anthems album is now complete, and hopefully will be released early in the New Year

It features Davy Paton on bass, Tony Fernandez on drums, Dave Dzal Martin on guitars, Ashley Holt on lead Vocals, Chrissie Hammond on backing vocals and two separate black choirs, one classical and the other gospelly type of voices

It looks extremely likely that the album will be released by the same label that is releasing the new YES album, but I can't tell you who that is yet until the contracts have been formally signed.

The video that was filmed in Swaziland is now complete and looks fantastic.

The company who commissioned the project are also going to fly the national Swaziland dancers in for any live concerts.

These will be slotted in, we hope, around about Easter. Venues have not been decided, as it will depend a lot on how the record is received, and of course, which record company is involved with the project.

The Intimate Evening concerts will cease to exist at the end of 1988 and will be replaced by the 20th Anniversary show.

It is possible that as well as "scattered dates" Rick will also put a scheduled tour together, probably around the middle of the year, as he doesn't want to reduce the number of solo performances because of the new YES commitments and records

If anything, the plan is to do as much as possible in 1989.

The new show for next year will carry Ashley Holt permanently, making it a four man show, which gives Rick someone else to insult on stage.

There are only two concerts to note in your diaries before Xmas, and they are at Chesterfield on the 24th November, which is an intimate evening, and December the third in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, when Rick joins forces with Ramon Remedios to perform the Gospels.


We have decided at a board meeting (Lunch down the pub ? that we would keep the cost still at £5 for next year, but from now on, all memberships will run from the first of May.

This basically means that if you joined before that date this year, then you get a few months for nowt. Should you have joined later, please let Carla know and we will adjust accordingly.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, we had hoped that the Gospels concert would be on the Isle of Man, but as this is now not happening, we will try and organise tickets for future events for members.

We'd like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for supporting the RWCC throughout it's inaugural year and hope you will all want to continue your membership,

It looks like you could be seeing and hearing a lot of Rick over the coming twelve months, thanks again.

Carla Brown.

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