Reviews by Angel Muñoz

Reviews by Angel Muñoz

Review of Rick Wakeman Live in Concert 2000 submitted on 28th June 2005

Well, in my very own opinion I LIKE IT TOO MUCH!, In every pieces you can find the classic Rick Wakeman style!, and then well all the songs I like, especially Birdman of Alcatraz makes me cry, and Merlin the Magician, and I think it’s the best piano/keyboards album that I ever heard. Congratulations Rick Wakeman once again…

Review of The Classical Connection Video submitted on 5th August 2005

Well, to be honest I like that DVD, it’s very calm and relaxing, if you want to be calm in the night and to relax a little bit, buy it, play it and that’s all!

Review of Live in Buenos Aires DVD submitted on 5th August 2005

A very good DVD, the new style, a wonderful duet (Adam, Rick), and the favourite and classic songs, I really love it, I recommend to you

Review of Made in Cuba DVD submitted on 24th September 2005

It is honestly one to have, it’s a little bit similar to Live in Buenos Aires DVD but with more passion, very good music and surprises, Rick did his best in that album!

Review of Out There - The Movie DVD submitted on 12th October 2005

A very creative and very good album, with very good pieces of music, a new concept to watch and hear. I imagine a new journey to the centre of the earth but with more technology and in the future. If you are very interested in good and strange, but very good things I recommend this to you - particularly I like Cathedral of the Sky.

Review of Retro submitted on 13th April 2006

EXCELLENT!!! SUPERB, masterly 70s Rick Wakeman returned!!!!!!! mixing the prog style in most of the pieces, and in the other the new Rick, it is superb, and interesting, old instruments but with the new sound quality of 2006, like if you were in the 70s with the 2006 technology, very original!!!!! excellent one to have!!!!