Reviews by Roberto Ugalde

Reviews by Roberto Ugalde

Review of Sea Airs submitted on 1st November 2003

Very inspired piano by the maestro. Sea Airs is full of ambience and evoking pictures. Every song is so rich, melodic and melancolic. This work of art is one of Wakeman's best, yet most underrated treasures!

Review of The Family Album submitted on 1st November 2003

One of my favorite CDs from the maestro. It is full of musical textures, ranging from slow moody tempos to fast upbeat phrases. Wakeman's writing trademark abound in every song... slowly constructing melodic themes, then making variations and finally resolving each song with beautiful mastery. It was very interesting (altogeteher highly shocking) to read Mr. Wakeman's opinion on the album, which tells how big of a sensitive genius he is. Thank you for the music!

Review of Preludes to a Century submitted on 23rd February 2005

A beautiful piano release, full of emotion and passion. Wakeman's trademark melodic sound waves are evident and his expressions of sensitivity denote the maestro's personal views on a new era, a new beginning for the world and mankind. Preludes to a Century is an exquisite trait to the ear, but especially, the soul. This album is of particular personal significance for me because each time I play these songs to my adoring wife it helps me reach her inner musical sensitivities. The music on this album turned her into a serious Wakeman fan.