Preludes to a Century (2000)

Preludes to a Century

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#Track TitleLength
1Prelude to a Millennium03:42
2Only a Dream04:34
3A Waltz of Life05:00
4Forever More04:51
5The Dancing Piano04:35
6Reflections of a Winter's Day06:21
7A New Dawn05:15
9Seasons of Change05:33
10Waiting for God05:02
11Vienna by Moonlight04:07
12The Cycle of Life07:13
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanGrand PianoAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
    Steinway Concert Grand
  • CTS Studios, Wembley
  • James Collins
  • Erik Jordan
Rick's Perspective
I tinge of sadness with this album in as much as it was meant to herald in the new Millennium and in fact came and went almost un-noticed! There is a lot of self feeling in this recording and it is difficult for me to listen to it back sometimes because I am the only one who knows the true meanings of the pieces. It heralded a new century and also a new beginning for me in many ways.
Wakey's Verdict
Full of passion, soul, heart and meaning. A rarity to get them all on one piano recording.
Little Known Trivia
At midnight on New Years Eve, at a party I held for 200 people at my house, not one person bothered to wish me a Happy New Year and I wandered out into a field to contemplate it all and decided it was money well spent to find out I had no friends there, well not at the party anyway!!

Roberto Ugalde on 23rd February 2005 [Other reviews]

A beautiful piano release, full of emotion and passion. Wakeman's trademark melodic sound waves are evident and his expressions of sensitivity denote the maestro's personal views on a new era, a new beginning for the world and mankind. Preludes to a Century is an exquisite trait to the ear, but especially, the soul. This album is of particular personal significance for me because each time I play these songs to my adoring wife it helps me reach her inner musical sensitivities. The music on this album turned her into a serious Wakeman fan.

Neil Barton on 15th December 2004 [Other reviews]

Well it's all played on a piano - and a great sounding one at that! Some people may feel this is an album to have a "nap to" which is understandable and their prerogative - the beautiful melodies certainly do have a hypnotic quality to them at times. However, to just write this work off as another "chill out CD" would be to miss the heart of the album. In my opinion I have never heard a CD of songs played on a piano by Rick in which you can tell what is going on in that studio from the tips of his fingers right into his very soul. I have not heard another album of Rick's that is as musically honest and as open as this. I wish I'd found it earlier.

Steve Phelan on 28th June 2000 [Other reviews]

If your looking for a follow up to Rick's "Airs" trilogy I suggest you buy this cd. It definitely highlights Rick's "classical prowess" on the piano. A truly excellent cd!!

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 14th April 2000 [Other reviews]

Another piano album. As for most of Rick's piano albums, "Preludes" is nice and gentle, and perfect for relaxation. It was a bit disappointing, though, because I miss the really strong compositions. Most tracks on this album are nice but not great. "Preludes" is quite inferior compared to albums like "The Piano Album" or "Tapestries".

Chris Gilman on 17th March 2000 [Other reviews]

This album is probably the most flowing and beautiful (purely solo) piano that I have heard. Unusually it is terrific as both soothing background or stirring when played at volume. It is an album that takes you soaring through musical highs, places you gently down and then before you know it you are irresistably lifted up again and carried on through the tracks, never overpowering but always moving. This CD is constantly on since I bought it and will probably be so for a long time to come. More please!

Max Hult on 11th February 2000 [Other reviews]

Not capturing my attention as much as Romance of the victorian age, though... I don't think there's any track which really "stands out". An album perfect for the afternoon nap, and definitely worth the money.

Siggi Zielinski on 11th February 2000 [Other reviews]

Maybe it is not a Wakeman's classic but it's surely a classical Wakeman, which I like. Reminds me sometimes of some of his better piano passages from the seventies. Comparing this to his other piano works it sounds fresh with some moments of passion. I believe that this world needs good piano albums but on the other hand is such a release predictable and reliable. Thanks God there's something around to rely on. Everyone enjoying Wakeman playing grand piano should get one copy. That says it all. My fave melody here is Seasons of change, light as a feather, with passages full of energy and virtuosity. In no way do I find this one boring. I'd even tend to agree with President Records calling this "his finest piano work to date".