Reviews by Matt Wharton

Reviews by Matt Wharton

Review of Rick Wakeman Live in Concert 2000 DVD submitted on 24th December 2000

This video is none other than fantastic, it has everything a Rick Wakeman fan could want, funny stories, piano pieces, keyboard pieces. I would highly recommend this video to anyone!!!

Review of Return To The Centre Of The Earth submitted on 29th June 2001

Well what can I say, simply brilliant. I have just finished listening to it, and it really leaves you on a high. My favourite has to be 'Buried Alive' with Ozzy Ozbourne. The keyboard solos with the Mini Moog are absolutely the best I have ever heard!!! If you don't own this album you're missing a big part of Rick's best work, for music cannot get any better!!!

Review of Rick Wakeman Live Video submitted on 4th July 2002

This video or DVD was recorded for ITV in 1990. It features "The old boy", Ashley Holt, Tony Fernadez (sp?) And David Paton. Rick Is absolutely astonishing, Performing some of his most well known peices. The layout of the stage is also quite something. It features a Giant "W" at the back of the stage, And unmissable, Is Ricks' Huge keyboard rig, 9 keyboards in all! It also has Tony Fernandez (sp?) in a Brilliant 5 minute Drum Solo! And David Paton doing a quite splendid Gituar solo. So to sum this up, I say it's a must buy. (In my opinion of course)

Review of Out There submitted on 15th March 2003

Out There is THE best album in the world! But I think in a review, I should give my reasons. Well first off, this album is wonderfully dedicated to the Columbia Disaster. With a lovely dedication text on the inside cover. And the songs are just incredible. "Out there" is in 5 Chapters. All together they make Out There a brilliant production, and my favourite on the album. "The Mission" is also exceptional. "To Be With You" is a great song, with good drum modifications. "Universe of Sound" another brilliant rock song is just fantastic, great guitar riff, solos and vocals. "Music of Love" another great production, absolutely excellent guitar/Moog solos. "Cathederal Of the Sky" long, But VERY much worth it. Makes you bob your knee the whole way through, brilliant Church organ most of the way through. All together makes this album The best I have ever heard. You cannot fault this album - really. And the lyrics are deep and imaginative. Totally "Unfaultable" THANK YOU!!!!!