Can You Hear Me? (1996)

Can You Hear Me?

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#Track TitleLength
1Hymn of Hope03:19
2A Little Piece of Heaven02:05
3Part of the Crowd04:25
4Stay With Me06:46
5The Answer04:40
6Believe Me06:31
7A Cry Without Tears06:04
8Why Keep Hiding?01:51
9Running Away07:44
10I Can Hear You09:14
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Chrissie HammondVocalsAll
David PatonBass/Guitar1/5/9
The English Chamber ChoirChoirAll
Fraser Thorneycroft-SmithGuitar1/3-5/7/10
Guy ProtheroeConductorAll
Phil LaughlinBass3/6/9
Stuart SawneyPercussion ProgrammingAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
CDHRHCD 005Hope RecordsUK
CassetteHRMC 005Hope RecordsUK
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • No info
  • Bajonor Studios, Isle of Man
  • The Music Centre, Wembley (Choir)
  • Palladium Studios, Edinburgh (David Paton)
  • Stuart Sawney
  • James Collins - Choir at Wembley
  • Erik Jordan (asst) - Choir at Wembley
  • Jon Turner - David Paton at Edinburgh
Rick's Perspective
A remix and in some cases rerecording of the original songs from Prayers. Much better all round but again the choir is not what it should be and so one day when I'm rich I'll re-record them again!!! Some great vocal work from Chrissie Hammond as always.
Wakey's Verdict
If you have a faith then this is certainly something you should have. That's why I did it and that's why I have it!
Little Known Trivia
I would have loved to have made a video to the title track, but Hope records did not have the finances to do it sadly...one day perhaps!

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 1st September 2003 [Other reviews]

This is a good album. It contains progrock with Christian lyrics. The music reminds me somewhat of "The gospels" and in particular of "Softsword". "Hymn of hope" is present here in a new version, and that song is quite representative of this album.

Barry Cohen on 22nd December 1999 [Other reviews]

One of the greatest recordings of all time in my humble opinion. This masterpiece by Rick is, simply put, a breath taking array of spritual songs which give me the chills every time I listen to it. The band, vocals by the ever great Chrissie Hammond, Rick's use of different keyboards and the infusion of the choir create a feeling of peace, hope, and inspiration. Highly recommended to anyone who is spritually inclined or not, because the music alone will just sweep you away.

Jon Hinchliffe on 27th September 1997 [Other reviews]

This album is a must have. Although this is Cross over Rock, Atheists like me self need not fear. You don't have to be Christian to like this. This album contains 5 tracks originally from the Prayers Album but they have been augmented with a new choir. Al