Reviews by Barry Cohen

Reviews by Barry Cohen

Review of Can You Hear Me? submitted on 22nd December 1999

One of the greatest recordings of all time in my humble opinion. This masterpiece by Rick is, simply put, a breath taking array of spritual songs which give me the chills every time I listen to it. The band, vocals by the ever great Chrissie Hammond, Rick's use of different keyboards and the infusion of the choir create a feeling of peace, hope, and inspiration. Highly recommended to anyone who is spritually inclined or not, because the music alone will just sweep you away.

Review of Stella Bianca alla corte de Re Ferdinando submitted on 23rd February 2000

If you would like to take a journey to Italy while relaxing in your own home just sit back and listen to this breahtaking masterpiece by Rick and Mario Fasciano. The melodies are simply wonderful, Mario's vocals which are sung in Italian are truly magnificent and the whole theme of this work is reminiscent of the type of music that you would hear if you were walking in the streets of Milan or Genoa. All of the tracks are soothing and highly interesting at the same time but my absolute favorite is the instrumental "Romance Naploi." If you would like something different by Rick which will take your mind away to far off and romantic places I highly recommend this Cd to you.

Review of No Expense Spared submitted on 11th April 2000

This marvellous recording is in my opinion very overlooked and underated to say the least. This masterpiece by the undisputed King and Prince of the Keyboard Kingdom is a wide variety of different sounds which will evoke a myriad of feelings from the listener. Some of the highlights of this recording are the songs "Dylic", the melodic and breathtaking "Children of Chernobyl", the get you out of chair and up dancing "Jungle", "Is it Spring", and "It's your Move." In addition to these excellent songs Rick and Adam once again demonstrate their committment to the causes of those less fortunate than ourselves with the heart breaking song "Dream the World Away" which speaks to the terrible tragedy of child neglect and abuse. Please do not overlook this stellar work by the Wakemans because it is just too incredible and powerful to not have in your RW and AW collection.