Reviews by Dave Eaton

Reviews by Dave Eaton

Review of Live On The Test submitted on 31st October 2000

This album is interesting for a couple of reasons. The fact that it includes some of Rick's funniest between song anecdotes (lager powered, by all accounts) and some pretty awesome keyboard work on the classic synths that we all love makes it a worthy listen. The sound quality is pretty standard for the period (1976), recorded during Rick's first leave of absence from Yes, and his piano sounds a bit distorted. The vocals are a little off at times, and the brass does nothing for Catherine Parr. But it's Rick that comes through best, and let's face it, that's what we all want isn't it?

Review of The Six Wives of Henry VIII submitted on 31st October 2000

Rick's first solo release, and the fact that nearly thirty years after it's initial release, it still sounds fresh and exciting is testiment to the sheer quality of the composition and performance that Rick achieved. Any Yes fans who delight in Fragile and Close to The Edge and haven't heard this must do so...it's still around! In all honesty, it must be said that Six Wives was the record that got me into Rick's music, and then Yes in the first place. Simply remarkable.