Reviews by Phill Emmerson

Reviews by Phill Emmerson

Review of The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table submitted on 21st February 2000

Who so pulleth out this album from the record shelves shall be the true born listener of a classic album, this is an album everyone should have, reviews do not do Arthur justice, just buy it and listen. 9/10

Review of No Earthly Connection submitted on 21st February 2000

This is undoubtedly one of Rick's greatest works, combined with the powerful voice of the great Ashley Holt, how could this not be a materiece, ahead of its time when released it loses none of its magic in a new milennium, best track on album is The Lost Cycle. Oh whatever happened to albums that gave you a free piece of tin foil???

Review of Return To The Centre Of The Earth submitted on 21st February 2000

It was with eager anticipation I waited for this album, on first listening I was a little dissapointed, surely Rick had not gone the Mike Oldfield way, let's hope not. Let Journey rest as the masterpiece it is, no Journey 3 please, one good thing about Return is The Dance of a Thousand Lights, 4/10