Reviews by David Momberg

Reviews by David Momberg

Review of Live in Buenos Aires DVD submitted on 27th October 2003

I just received this DVD in the mail 2 days ago and have watched it 3 times already. The video and audio quality are exceptional, and the band is extremely tight. There are a couple of camera miscues, and a few times that Damien Wilson's vocals could have been a little louder in the mix, but otherwise it is pretty flawless. The highlights to me are the opener "Lancelot"(which you don't see performed very often),"Merlin"(with the incredible dueling keyboards with rick's son Adam), and the closer "Starship Trooper". A must have for all fans!!!

Review of Return To The Centre Of The Earth submitted on 27th October 2003

An incredible album!!! I had only heard bits and pieces before, but not the whole CD until last week and it is awesome from start to finish. Patrick Stewart's narration really adds the sophistication to this piece it deserves, and all of the guest performances are excellent too, esp. Ozzy on "Buried Alive",Trevor Rabin on "Never is a Long,Long time", and Bonnie Tyler on "Is anybody there?". Also, "Dance of a thousand lights" is a powerful and moving piano tour de force with impeccable orchestration behind it. I don't understand why this album has received so many negative reviews(not on this site!!) I LOVE IT and highly recommend it-in my opinion much better than the original!

Review of Out of the Blue submitted on 27th October 2003

I puchased this at Rick's concert in Atlanta and recommend it to everyone, but esp. to those who will be catching the remaining concerts on this tour since it is one of only 3 available at the shows! For those of you who haven't heard the current lineup of the ERE-it is definetely a "heavier" sound esp. due to Damien Wilson's vocals and Ant Glynne's guitar-which are both excellent and spotlighted on this live recording from 2001. The updated versions of "Journey", "Jane Seymour", and "No Earthly connection/the prisoner" are better than ever, the version of "Buried Alive" really rocks hard, and "Starship trooper" features great playing by Rick, his son Adam, and Ant. The only thing I really missed was a audio version of 'Merlin" with the dueling keyboards of Rick and son like that featured on the DVD-I realize it is a different show apparantely. Overall, great production and mixing-all of the musicans are very tight. Great addition to your RW collection!