Reviews by Sergey Lenkov

Reviews by Sergey Lenkov

Review of Aspirant Sunset submitted on 4th May 2003

It's a classical New Age Album. While listening to Suntrilogy (of course not while you driving a car, but probably at the end of the day) you could imagine yourself riding your battleship through "The Sea of Tranquility" or (far from the city) hearing "Whispering Cornfields". The music would help you to relax, to keep the warmth in your soul (and so it would help you to live). Here Rick works like a landscape painter (say J. Turner). You could return to Suntrilogy (like to paintings of Turner) a week, a month or even a year later and catch something new.

Review of Rock n Roll Prophet Plus submitted on 4th May 2003

Don’t believe all negative reviews. Make your own choice. It’s a must. Because the album contains one of the best instrumental things Rick ever written - "Alpha Sleeps". If any person would ask: "Who is Rick Wakeman?" I’d get him to try this track. Here well-presented and well-balanced all elements of Rick’s music: melody, art-rock, electronic keyboards, virtuoso playing, influences of classic music. "Alpha" is a soundtrack to good science fiction or fantasy book. Another hit here is "Spy of 55". Very optimistic music, written with a good sense of humour.

Review of Zodiaque submitted on 4th May 2003

Very unusual record. Imagine: Milt Jackson and Modern Jazz Quartet finished their work and left the studio. Here comes Rick and Tony. They listened to MJQ and they began to play, but they did something different. It’s a jazz record not in style of music (let’s call it instrumental art-rock with a little touch of New Age), but in another sense: the album is a kind of dialog between keyboard player and drummer. It seems that not many overdubs were made there. And the mood in this record is a little bit darker than usually on Rick’s albums.

Review of Night Airs submitted on 9th May 2003

It`s a piano album, without electronic keyboards. New Age? May be, because music is elegiac and a little bit melancholic. But melancholy here is very light. "The Sad Dream", "Twightlight", "Night Owls"... The music fits the titles. Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninov, even Satie - you could find here influences from different epochs of piano classic music But it`s not that academic serious - here`s Rick! There`s no agression feelings in this music, and it is easy to listen to it. If you are lover of classical music - it would be intersting to compare Rick`s taste with your own. If you are true rock fan - may be this disc would be for you a door into the realm of classic music.

Review of Softsword submitted on 9th May 2003

A consept prog-rock album, historical topic. If you`re starting to listen to Rick`s classics - "Travel to the Center of the Earth", "King Arthur" - you should prepare for a long orchestrated songs. This album much softer (without losses of quality of music). It`s very interesting how Rick with the help of only horn player imitates Baroque orchestration in the first song - "Magna Charter". Every Rick`s album got his own mystery. Mystery here is "After Prayers", probably the best Rick`s lyrical song. Meditative bluesy ballad with emotional vocal by Chrissie Hammond and beautiful organ party (I think it`s Hammond organ). Emotional and spiritual final song "Hymn of Hope". Do you need more words?

Review of Fields of Green submitted on 10th June 2003

Classical mainstream prog-art-rock album. One of the best albums of the 90s. It starts with remake of Yes song "Starship Trooper". Romantic and emotional "The Promise of Love" follows it (with very beautiful keyboards party). After that - instumental "Spanish Wizard" (with acoustic guitar party)... It`s not a concept album, but Rick very well harmonized the sequence of songs, so you would listen to this album as a single piece of music. And the spirit of this album.. A kind of new beginning for Rick. Very optimistic. It seems that music were written by experienced craftsman (but still young and a little bit naive). By the way, if you are starting your acquaintance with Rick - this album would be a good choice. In this case I also recommend you "Six Wives of Henry VIII", "Journey" and "Return to the Centre of the Earth".

Review of The Natural World Trilogy submitted on 21st December 2005

A great continuation of the "Aspirant" saga. New Age or New World electronic meditative music. 3 CDs. Each with one hour programme. All I had written about "Aspirant Sunset" I could repeat here. Musical landscapes. You could return to the places created by wizard Rick many times and each time you would find something new. Very mentally healthy, positive and clear music. Our crazy depressive world is in the need of it now. Rick, please, more of that cure... Some melodies sounds more impressive than music of "Sun Trilogy". "The Snow Leopard" reminds me of music from operas by Rimsky-Korsakov. If you are lover of ambient and new age, this album - is your choice. If you are an old rocker - well, try before sleeping time, may be you would like it, it’s good to try something new sometimes.