Reviews by Melvin H. Wilson, Jr.

Reviews by Melvin H. Wilson, Jr.

Review of White Rock submitted on 15th July 1997

Although it is the sound track from the movie of the Winter Olympics, "White Rock" is much more than just a sound track album. It is an emotional trip thru feelings of triumph and defeat. The title track, "White Rock", is a busy romp with Rick playing wonderful leads accompanied by grooving percussion. "Searching For Gold" is a very beautiful, haunting piece that brings on the feeling of hope and achievment. "After the Ball" a classical movement with touches of sadness and perhapes loneliness; and "Ice Run" that sounds very similar to a "Yes" song. This album is definitely a BUY IT, but it nearly impossible to find for only 1000 copies exist on compact disc.

Review of Voyage submitted on 15th July 1997

Finally, a true Rick Wakeman Greatest hits compilation covering the A&M years. All of the tracks have been remastered and sound superb. Many of the tracks have never been on compact disc, or at least are hard to find. Even four tracks from the rare "White Rock" are included as well as tracks from "Rhapsadies". As an extra bonus, the complete "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" album is included. Also, the solo Rick played from his days with the Strawb's "Temperament Of Mind" is included and shows, that even then, Rick had already developed his famous style. The disc also comes with a booklet and extensive sleeve notes. Why did it take A&M so long to release what most will agree is Rick's best compositions, and why is it unavailable in the US. This collection is a MUST BUY!