Fields of Green '97 (1997)

Fields of Green '97

#Track TitleLength
1Election 97/Arthur02:59
2Starship Trooper12:23
3The Promise of Love06:18
4The Spanish Wizard06:35
5The Never Ending Road08:58
6The Fighter05:30
7Tell Me Why05:13
8The Rope Trick03:41
9The Niceman08:26
10Fields of Green03:42
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Chrissie HammondVocalsAll
Fraser Thorneycroft-SmithGuitarsAll
Phil LaughlinBassAll
Stuart SawneyPercussion ProgrammingAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
CDMFCD001Music FusionUK
Equipment Studio Engineering
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Rick's Perspective
This was a re-issue of some of the original music from the album with some additional material as used for the music for the General Election of that year. Why on earth I did this I really don't know. I've never taken drugs in my life!
Wakey's Verdict
Collector's piece only!
Little Known Trivia
The theme for King Arthur was used by the BBC for more than twenty years as the main theme for all their election programmes but in 1999 I was called by a BBC producer who asked me how much I would like to pay for the privilege of them continuing to use it!!!! It's not been heard since!

Criag on 18th May 2022 [Other reviews]

I don't know why Rick is so down on this album. In my opinion it is one his best from the many of his 90s releases. Some classic Rick sounds, together with some ballads and a bit of rock. Great to hear the smooth yet strong voice of Chrissie Hammond (ex Cheetah, I discovered! If you're an Aussie, that means something). And I enjoy the added Election Special track (even though it is yet another example of musicians being treated abysmally!).

Andy Long on 30th March 2003 [Other reviews]

In my opinion this is one of Rick's best 'rock band' albums and it is certainly near the top of my playlist. The extra track (that I assume was not on the orignal release) smoothly blends the new themes of 'Election 97' with the familiar theme of 'Arthur' and is a perfect opener. But track two is one of my all-time Rick favourites, 'Starship Trooper/Wurm'. I guess this really qualifies, in every sense, as a Yes cover, taking into consideration that Rick was not the keyboard player on the original, despite having played it thousands of times since then. Chrissie Hammond's vocals are perfect for this track. I would have liked to hear a live drummer on the album, but Stuart Sawney's programmed percussion is as good as you're going to get out of a box. Other highlights are 'The Spanish Wizard' which has some great guitar work from Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith and the pacey rocker 'The Rope Trick'.